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Lady SpringWolf, D.D., Ph.D. -
I hate talking about myself. I'm just an average person with experiences that have brought me to this place in life. I guess to start with, I was blessed with being raised in a Pagan/Christian home. Though my Mom used different labels, she was a Kitchen Witch and often talked of her own psychic experiences. In many ways I think I was destined for the path of a pagan. Even my family name comes from the Irish surname ” Ciardha, which means "descendent of Ciardha". The name Ciardha means "dark" in Gaelic. ie: Children of the dark. So perhaps my early Celtic ancestors were pagans who practiced in the dark hours of the day, under the moon and along side the great bonfires of old. So, I dedicated myself to a pagan spiritual path in my early teens. While both my sisters took to church and being baptized, it just wasn't something I felt compelled to do. So I'm not one of those people who went to Christian church, took communion, was baptized and then became disillusioned with the church and converted.
I began official study at 18. It was the beginning of years of study, practice and qualification exams within my chosen tradition, The Deborean Clan of Celtic Shamanism. (Don't confuse this with Deborean Wicca). The Deborean Clan holds specific criteria for initiation degrees. From 1st degree initiation of participation to a 5th degree as Clan Elder. Initiation degrees are earned through education, exams and demonstration of knowledge through out one's participation in the Clan. Clan leaders evaluate both your conduct and applied knowledge, along with the written tests and exams. I received my Shamanistic name SpringWolf, also called a Magik Name on my 20th birthday.
My transition through each degree was normal in line with the criteria of the Clan. Each step built upon the previous foundation of training. I was invited to join the Clan in 1982 as a member at large, the 1st level initiation. I guess you could say I've always felt a calling to the ministers path. Making a declaration to become a teacher in my clan is a requirement to moving to the next level of participation. My declaration was made May 31st, 1983 and I received the 2nd degree of initiation. Which placed my feet firmly on the path of commitment to my education.
There are three levels of initiation within the 3rd degree Sage program in the Deborean Clan. What we call the Sage path. There are 3 specific areas of study within the Sage path, Faith, Divination and Healing. Some people are drawn to just one of these paths and become expert teachers within that area of study. But for those who feel called to the path of the Shaman, all of these areas of study are required and must be completed successfully. I completed the three areas of study and received the last 3rd degree initiation in 1986. That earned me the title of Clan Sage, not Shaman.
During my time studying to be a Sage of Holistic Healing, I was exposed to Reiki. Reiki is an oriental form of hands on healing. It was brought to the United States by Hawayo Takata. Before her death she initiated 22 Masters. One of these was Rev. Beth Gray. I was initiated by Rev. Gray in the Spring of 1989 for my Reiki I certification. And again in the fall of 1989 for the Reiki II certification.
At this point a student Shaman becomes an apprentice to the existing Clan Shamans. This apprenticeship is required to put your knowledge to full use. Conducting business of the clan, leading rituals, ministering to members and the community at large, community building, counseling and so on. This process helps an apprentice use their knowledge in practical form. Gaining experience and working to expand knowledge into wisdom and discernment for at least 5 years. At the end of this long 5 year period, you must pass exams and evaluations by the Shamans Council. Even if you pass those trials, you must still be nominated for a Shaman's role in the clan. I was honored with a nomination for this 4th degree initiation at the end of my 5 year apprenticeship, in 1991.
In 1992 I began courses at a local metaphysical chapel with a dear friend. This was a wonderful experience for me and opened a great many doors to new perspectives and insights outside that of the Deborean tradition. It was also an opportunity to expand my training in Ministerial Counseling and spiritual therapy. Something I love very much. And another path I've felt drawn to through my own personal traumas and dramas.
In 1993 I hived from my local Deborean chapter and established the Clan of the Forest Moon. Specifically, The Deborean Clan of Celtic Shamanism - Chapter of The Forest Moon. Chapters of the Deborean Clan are individual established groups (ie: Covens), that further the knowledge and expand the understandings of the Traditions Principles of Belief. Forest Moon provided a great deal of opportunities for me. It was exciting and a little scary getting organized and established.
But we can't stop learning and reaching for the next goal in our spiritual education. In April of 1996 I completed the next level of Reiki training and I was initiated by Rev. Wilma Donald for my Reiki Masters certification. I was also honored with the nomination to the status of Elder in the Deborean Clan. And was initiated to Elder status in October of that year. 1996 was also the year PagansPath.com was born and implemented on the internet. It was another step to further the knowledge of the Deborean Clan and Forest Moon.
Many things have changed since those early days. In 2002 I acquired a Ministers License in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I continued teaching classes in my area until the fall of 2002 when I entered into a wonderful relationship with my partner and became pregnant. Now with the demands of a toddler taking up my time, most of my teaching is done through Paganspath.com, email and the path's message board. Most of the Deborean Clan has disbanded, though the tradition still lives in various Chapters of the Clan. Forest Moon being one of these. There are 3 others that are now closed and private organizations. At the time of this writing, all but 3 of my former teachers have transitioned into the spirit world. Much of my effort is dedicated to my family, PagansPath.com and spreading tolerance of our pagan ways to non-pagans. A mission I take very seriously and feel honored to share with others on the path of the pagan.
In late 2007 I decided to take the advice and requests of many online associates to take PagansPath to the next level. Bringing the education into the 'real world' through a physical education center. The planning for Spring's Haven, LLC began in earnest in December 2007 and the legal filings were drawn up in late January 2008. Culminating in the acquisition of funding for the legal side of the center in March 2008, Spring's Haven, LLC was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on Ostara March 2008.
We never stop learning and continuing education is something I think we all should take part in. I hold a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and acquired a second ordination in the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) in March 2008. In December 2009 I received my second doctorate degree, a Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Counseling Psychology also from the University of Sedona. This continuing education supports my efforts for professional learning, education and enlightenment to provide the highest quality of service to my community, clients and customers.
The IMM is an organization that has been working around the world for over 50 years and is the parent organization for the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. Professionally I call myself a Minister of Metaphysics and a Celtic Shaman.
In 2009 the site went social and joined Facebook and Twitter through my business site Spring's Haven. The popularity was more than I expected and requests came for me to join the social networking in person. So I went social in January 2010.
You can follow me on Twitter as LadySpringWolf @ twitter.com/ladyspringwolf
You can follow me on Facebook as LadySpringWolf @ facebook.com/ladyspringwolf 
I appear every Monday night, 9pm eastern on The ∆nigma Project – on the Tenacity Radio Network. You can listen online and join in the chat room to share your perspective or ask questions for the panel to contemplate and address. 
 Degrees & Certifications
If you were to visit a professional office, you would find the degrees and certifications of the individual hanging on their wall. So why shouldn't you be able to see those same items online? I strongly believe you should have the opportunity to review the credentials of the teachers and ministers you interact with, even if they're on the web.
If you desire to see my degrees and certifications, you can view them on SpringsHaven.com. You can click an image to review an enlargement of the certificate/degree and learn more. The Cyber Office Wall
I have also been asked to include a link to my Masters Thesis and Doctorate Dissertation. I have included a link to these files in PDF format for those interested in reading them.
Many Blessings,
  Some Notes About The University of Sedona
In 1959, Dr. Paul Leon Masters began a metaphysical organization that later on evolved into the International Metaphysical Ministry. The I.M.M. joined Unity and Religious Science as one of the major metaphysically oriented movements. Also 1959, Dr. Masters opened the Institute of Parapsychology in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. The aim of the institute was to research higher and expanded states of consciousness as they related to spiritual reality and human self betterment.
In 1976, to meet a now rising interest by ministerial graduates for degree programs. Dr. Masters applied for and gained the legal right to establish the University of Metaphysics and grant non-secular degrees for use by those who were ordained within the University. In 2003, Dr. Masters sought after and established the legal right in Arizona to found the University of Sedona and award non-secular degrees up to Doctoral or Ph.D. level in the various ministerial specialties of the organization—the International Metaphysical Ministry. You can read more about the chronological history of the IMM and the University of Sedona on their website @ Metaphysics.com.
In the US, there is something called Separation Of Church and State. US state education systems can not get involved with accreditation of purely religious institutions. They have no jurisdiction over, and can not legislate when it comes to religion.
Metaphysical degrees are determined by the Department of Education in Washington DC as non-secular and are thus classified and regarded as religious in nature. This religious classification gives the International Metaphysical Ministry, the parent body of the University of Sedona, full legal right to award Doctoral degrees to it's graduates who have completed educational course and dissertation requirements.
That means that if a religious institution teaches only it's religious philosophy, and not the secular subjects such as Calculus and English Literature, there is no way the state can pass judgment on the curriculum. The most a state can do is say that the institution is not listed as accredited by any accreditation agencies recognized by the state and the institution is listed as having “No accreditation from a CB recognized accreditor”.
Some of the most prestigious religious institutions of higher learning in the world are not recognized as accredited by any US state government because they teach religious philosophy and not secular subjects. The University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics are two examples of this category of higher learning religious institutions.
But keep in mind that accreditation is seen by many to serve one purpose. To qualify and acquire Federal and or State funding for the school, University or College. Many institutions of higher learning barely qualify to the requirements set by the Federal and State governments. Accreditation therefore does not mean a University is a well run or "good" school of higher learning. The University of Sedona is sponsored by students, former graduates and generous donations from the public. As such, they do not seek to acquire Federal or State Funding and prefer to remain non-secular in order to meet it's own higher Spiritual standards of learning.
There have been many prestigious graduates from the University. In 2008 Rev. Dr. Della Reese-Lett, who received her doctoral degree from the University of Metaphysics, received the International Metaphysical Ministry’s Lifetime Achievement Award for the work she has done and the inspiration she has given to others around the world.