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SpringWolf - A Magikal Name

Gogeyi Wahya aka SpringWolf
My Medicine name was given to me by my first spiritual teacher Myrodea, who was a Native American medicine woman and at one time in a previous existence, my grandmother.
The story goes, Myrodea had a dream where she passed on her mission of teaching, healing and seeing to one of her grand children about to be born in the coming May. The next morning she told the dream to her husband Taw, who recanted a dream where he witnessed the birth of a teacher and he felt that the child born was one of his soon to arrive grand children.
Both of them decided to conduct a shared journey. During the ceremony, Myrodea was greeted by a white wolf sitting along a wooded path. The wolf told her of a child soon to be born who would live as the wolf lives. This child would exist between both the physical and spiritual plains of existence as the white wolf lives between the spirit and forest. She would hold both spiritual and physical lessons in balance. The child would also carry on the teachings which Myrodea had started.
During the ritual, Taw was greeted by a red tail hawk at the foot hills of the smoky mountains. The hawk told him the child coming into his family would feel strong ties to his Celtic roots and would use the same visionary talents he possessed to see illness within others in an effort to heal. These same gifts would include spiritual sight for communication and the sharing of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
After comparing notes, and asking for guidance, they were given the Cherokee name Gogeyi Wahya. In English: SpringWolf. Spring for the season of rebirth of the hawk, and the wolf for the white wolf who would watch over the child during it's life and mission. They were shown the child and knew who it belonged to. The name and story were given to me on my 20th birthday by Myrodea.
SpringWolf is always in my life as my primary magikal name. Used in practice of shamanistic ceremonies and overall energies. But there's nothing wrong with moving with the flow of energy to use the right 'tools' with the right intention.
The Spring portion of my name is always with me. The wolf, however is very strong and the most prevalent part of my nature and my name. But it does step aside for other aspects to emerge.
SpringHawk appeared during a time of great visionary activity and growth in my mid twenties. As my gift of channeling took a major leap forward, the name seemed appropriate. I would use this name during rituals and group ceremonies, as well as, in my writings that dealt with divination. But as I graduated from this phase of development the hawk moved aside, and the wolf returned.
Later the gifts of healing began to emerge and became the stronger force on my spiritual path. During my initial training in healing modalities I felt pulled to the Dragon in the form of a healer. SpringDragon emerged for a few years, especially when I was writing about or conducting healing sessions. During my stone and crystal healing training, I began seeing a 6ft dragon standing by my side and his pull was very strong. It was a little shocking when I conducted healing sessions and clients would ask if I saw a dragon hovering around the healing table. But as before, when I graduated from this phase of development, the dragon stepped aside and the wolf returned.
Next came SpringAngel. In 1989 I began formal training in Reiki with Rev. Beth Gray. During the first attunement from Rev. Gray I felt a strange tightness in my upper back. Later that day Rev. Gray asked me if I knew I had angel wings. At first I thought she was a little nuts. But I've had dreams of having wings on my back, so I didn't totally dismiss her comment. Since this time, many of my Reiki clients report seeing feathery wings on my back as I'm conducting their session. When I graduated from Reiki III initiation, the name seemed to fade and once again the Wolf returned.
Since the late 1990s the draw to changing my magikal name for different purposes doesn't occur. The Hawk, Dragon and the angel wings are still part of my spiritual path and practices. But now they come in their own true forms instead of symbolic form through a name. The wolf is the strongest part of my personality and my nature as I've gotten older. And she's always with me through out the day and night. ^,,^

You may go through a similar change or feel a pull to change your magik name as you learn and grow on your spiritual path. You can learn more about Magik Names, how you can discover yours and how they are used through the Magikal Names article on the Witchcraft/Shamanism section.

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