The Healing Circle

There are many different ways to give and receive healing. A laugh, a hug, even a pat on the back or soothing tone can provide healing to someone in need.
In today's environment of high medical bills, expensive prescriptions and invasive procedures, many people are looking to 'alternative medicines'. But you might take note at just how many of these 'new alternatives' are actually ancient healing methods or simple 'home remedies' your grand mother used to provide.
No matter what you chose to believe, nothing should take the place of a visit to your doctor when problems arise. Holistic healing methods are designed to assist in treating the 'whole' person and not just the physical ailment most medical treatments deal with.
Here on these pages, we share our experience and knowledge in general holistic healing thoughts and perceptions. You'll also find some detailed information in the Reiki section by a certified Reiki Master.
Healing Sections:
  Reiki ~ An Ancient Form Of Healing


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Understanding Holistic Healing:
  Understanding Illness In The Body
  Common Causes Of Illness
  Deciphering The Ailment Message
  The Phases of Healing
  The Basics of Accupressure
  Crystal Energy Healing
  Connecting To Divine Healing Energy
  Edgar Cayce Healing Remedies
  Finding Your "Power" Hand
  Healing By Proxy
  Creating Your Own Healing Circle
  Healing Music
  Light Therapy
How can they improve your life?
Affirmations For Change
The 3 Healers: Faith, Hope and Charity

Some of My Favorite Healing Links:
Reiki / Healing
The Distant Healing Network
John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing
Edgar Cayce
A.R.E. - Cayce Institute
The Heritage Store - Edgar Cayce Remedies
General Resources
Grace N' Vessels- A Christian Healing Ministry

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