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Faith, Hope, Charity
The 3 Healers

The 3 Healers
There are three affirmations created for general purpose, channeled by Rev. Michelle Lusson, D.D. a renowned author, teacher and channel. These affirmations were given to Dr. Lusson to help the human spirit with the process of spiritual evolution.
These affirmations are called the 3 healers, Faith, Hope and Charity.

~ Faith ~

I believe in the spiritual existence of myself
as a perfect image of the Divine Creator.
In this reflection that is my physical embodiment,
I have faith in the supreme guidance of my soul
for my balance, my needs, and my opportunities.
Outside of myself there are also perfect images,
and nothing can delude my thinking otherwise.

~ Hope ~

Acknowledging my faith in the omnipresence of my Divinity,
I hope for realization, awareness and acknowledgement
of the existence of the Great I AM within myself.

~ Charity ~

In understanding faith, in knowing hope,
I pledge my actions, my desires, and my thoughts
to the performances of myself on the physical planes
of the earth, to honor to love and to enlighten
all that is a reflection of the Divine outside of myself
so that my perfection is imaged back to my Creator.
So help me God(s).

So It Is.

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Created: 10/2/1996       Updated: 03/25/2008