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Are There Victims?
One of the hardest things for people who believe in reincarnation to accept, is that there is no such thing as a victim. But it's often hard to accept or even see the concept while we're here on a physical plane. So let me try to explain. First of all, let me say this posting is based on spiritual theories from multiple sources. It is not merely my view, though I do accept these theories. There is no scientific proof of reincarnation, or even of the existence of a soul. But if you believe in reincarnation, you have already accepted the idea of reincarnation as a fact of faith. J. Boots / Surrender
One of the basic principles of reincarnation is that we, as a spiritual being, create a blue print for the life we are about to lead. As with any blue print, you build the basic foundation and structure of the physical life you are about to incarnate into. The issues or situations that will cause you to make choices to further detail or refine the original plan, as well as, define spiritual agreements with other souls to redeem or resolve karmic issues.
The blue print is merely a guide for your physical life's path. But it's Free Will and choice that provide the mechanism to progress and evolve the soul during the incarnation of that spirit. In other words, our spirit can provide the situations through the blue print, but the final outcome is never predefine. That is determined by free will and choice of the physical being, to learn and hopefully progresses along it's spiritual path.
Making Choices
Ok, so what does that have to do with being a victim?
We make the choices that put us into situations that cause physical victimization. If we're making the choice, then we're not a victim. The problem is we often view the choice from a physical, emotional level and not from the venue of a spiritual being.
One of the easiest examples are infants that are still born, or pass on a few days after birth, wither by an act of "God" or through a violent act. The typical question is, "what did that child do to deserve that?". Or what about those people who are born into such poverty that they starve to death? Surely these things are not acts of choice?
Point of fact, they typically are. However, they are choices on a spiritual level, not necessarily a physical one. There are many scenarios to explain this type of choice. To make it easy, I'll use the example of a still born or a child that passes on at a very early age.
  • Scenario 1. Not all spirits are incarnated here on this planet. It's a big universe out there, with many worlds. It would be arrogant to think life only exists on this planet. There are parapsychology research studies and channeled material that suggest a spirit may chose to progress through the physical birth process of a human incarnation in order to learn from the experience. But chose not to live through the birth process or through a physical life. Thus these spirits will chose a birth mother and make a spiritual agreement to share in the lesson of life, death and letting go.
  • Scenario 2. As spiritual beings we choose birth parents that will help in setting up a particular kind of life path that will provide us with the best opportunities to learn the spiritual lessons and work on the karma we have chosen to resolve in our spiritual blue print. If choices by the parents are made during a pregnancy, that potentially alter that blue print, the soul of the child has 3 choices.
    1. To continue with the incarnation and accept the changes the parental choices will have on the child's spiritual incarnation. Ex: A child has a different kind of life when born to a 2 parent home vs a single parent. A spirit may decide that a choice to alter the birth mothers life will still provide the situations needed for spiritual evolvement and will alter it's spiritual blue print accordingly.
    2. To end the incarnation and detach from the physical body of the baby. An agreement is made with the birth mother (on a higher spiritual level) for how that detachment will progress. Either through still birth, death after birth, or in some cases through a violent means. In all these cases, the birth mother is making a spiritual choice that is commiserate with her own spiritual plan.
    3. To make an agreement with another spirit to take it's place. This agreement must also be made with the birth mother. In most cases, if this agreement is made, the mother experiences a term of bleeding on the physical level while the previous soul detaches and the new soul attaches to the fetus. The pregnancy then continues as it normally would.
  • Scenario 3. As spiritual beings we make agreements with others all the time. Sometimes to share lessons, others to deal with karmic issues. One of the greatest gifts we give to another is to sacrifice an experience for the benefit of another. Occasionally, a soul will agree to be born to a particular birth mother in order to give the physical mother an opportunity to learn a spiritual lesson. After the birth/death or even a miscarriage, the spirit moves on, leaving the mother to learn the lessons of letting go, unconditional love and a group of other issues. It's an agreement of setting opportunity for the birth mother to make choices that will advance the knowledge and wisdom of her soul.
Ok, now the tough one. What if you're an adult who has been through a traumatic experience? From child abuse to rape to murder? As hard as it is to accept, these issues are still spiritual choices. But why would anyone make that kind of choice?
Spiritual Karma
There just as many reasons on a spiritual level as there people on the planet. From clearing karmic debt to experiencing the trauma as a foundation for learning other spiritual lessons. Here's an example.
As an abuse survivor I am much more familiar with the feelings and trauma these type of issues can bring in one's life. For my chosen path, it is an added benefit to me when I'm engaged in spiritual counseling for someone in a similar situation. Now that doesn't mean a professional counselor has to be raped to be a rape counselor. But for those people who have been through the event, an argument can be made that they may have a stronger and often times a better insight. It doesn't make them a better counselor, but perhaps a more empathic one.
In these cases, the trauma is an event that sets up one or more spiritual lessons. For those that use the experience to help others, it also becomes a foundation for future support to others here on the physical level.
The key to looking at trauma in one's life, is to look at the choices you are provided with in the after math. How you continue on your path, what affects you've allowed the trauma to produce in your life and how you relate to the other people involved.
In other cases, traumatic events are choices to redeem karmic events all at once. Lifetimes of small negative choices can sometimes be redeemed through a major traumatic event. By the same token, we have to accept the fact that some cases are a 'tit-for-tat' event. An abuser becomes the abused. Only each individual can look within themselves to find the cause, IF they feel it's necessary. Once again, what kind of situations does this cover? Here are a couple examples.
  • What you put out, you get back. {This example has been posted by permission}
    A client of mine has been suffering with anorexia for almost 10 years. Nothing she did helped the situation. From medications, counseling and even 5 near death events. Through professional counseling this client told her Doctor she believed in reincarnation and felt this had to be karmic. To some degree she felt lit it was a joke, but the Doctor is a college and suggested the client might benefit from a counseling session with me. Through 3 Reiki healing sessions and a past life regression the client determined that she had led a life as soldier in a concentration camp in Germany. As the soldier she kept food from prisoners and allowed many to starve to their deaths. In this life, she was punishing herself for the crimes she felt she had committed.
    Now this is not to say that all anorexia cases are from the same cause! It's just the cause in this case. Within 3 months of continued counseling with the doctor, for the first time, this woman began eating without guilt, gained weight and is now living a very healthy and happy life.
  • A tougher example: Rape.
    Surely we don't chose to be rapped. Once again we do, though not always on a conscious physical level. From the mundane event of putting yourself in a dangerous situation by frequenting a dangerous area or establishment. To leaving your door unlocked or not asking for an escort to your car after a late night of work. These are all choices that set the potential event.
    On a spiritual level, we're back to setting a foundation of karma or overcoming a spiritual lesson. Using the event to create a knowledge base to help others.
  • An equally tough example. Abuse.
    Once again, we make choices to accept the abuse or stop it. We become the victim because we allow ourselves to be used. We chose to believe the continual rhetoric of dependence, unworthiness and value. And until we chose to believe in ourselves, we can't find the strength to break the cycle.
    On a spiritual level, all this posturing creates spiritual lessons. From accepting our value as a human being, to allowing abuse to be spread to our children.

Being A Survivor
Whether these events are karmic in nature or merely for spiritual enlightenment, we make the choices through spiritual purpose.
The emotions and inner feelings on a physical level ARE NOT invalidated by that knowledge, nor is the trauma diminished. But perhaps through understanding why we have set an issue on our path, or made a spiritual choice that creates these issues, we can perhaps learn to deal with the aftermath in a manner that provides the growth and enlightenment necessary to not repeat the pattern again.
One way to deal with these issues in the aftermath, is through acknowledgement, acceptance, forgiveness and finally letting go. Acknowledging and acceptance is often the easy steps. The forgiveness and letting go are the hard parts. But through inner reflection, counseling and meditation, you can learn to forgive and let go on the physical level.
You might like to try our Letting Go mediation as a starting point. As well as, our Evolving the Spirit Affirmations. If you're dealing with a loss, you might also read the Phases of Grief article as well.

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