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Michel de Nostredame
The Millennium Prophecies

And Beyond

Can we dismiss the prophecies of Nostradamus? His uncanny accuracy of the past 500 years suggest the versus relating to our future should and must be heeded. Nostradamus himself wrote in a letter to his son that the tragedies he predicted could be diverted. After all our future is but the outcome of the choices we make today. If we take heed to these warnings and modify our choices, we could and can change the outcome of our current destiny. Even when we're on the steps of a great war.

The 3rd World War and the 3rd Anti-Christ
Out of the country of greater Arabia,
shall be born a strong master of Muhammad and law.
I think any current political analyst would agree the potential of this verse has already come to realization. Saddam Hussein does have an uncanny hold over many nations in the middle east and the Muslim nations. Like the Anti-Christs before him, he has a way with words that seemingly promise an abundance of good living and wealth to his people. However, in the end, the promises are also seemingly empty.
In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
Before and after, war reigns.
Here Nostradamus tells us when the war will be in full force, as indicated by the last line. Some scholars believe this is an omen of chemical warfare occurring in July 1999. One can not deny the threat of the current conflict in Kosovo and Yugoslavia. Some analysts suggest this world conflict is even more dangerous than the one faced in Iraq. At the very least, the NATO alliance is much more unstable and the threat of the Russian's siding with Yugoslavia is indeed present.
This king will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He is one that shall cause the infernal gods of Hannibal to live again.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.
Could Hussein succeed in crossing the lines into Europe? This verse and the next suggest that not only is it possible, but that he will come to sit on the thrown of Britain, Spain, France and Italy. There is an old moto that comes to mind, "Your enemy is my enemy. Together we can defeat him". Would it be out of the realm of possibility for the forces of the middle east to join against the common foe with Yugoslavia? The scariest part of this verse is "the infernal gods of Hannibal", a reference to cannibalistic living.
Some now see this quatrain as possibly referring to Osama bin Laden. There has long been speculation that the reason behind Hannibal's rise is due to chemical warfare. Striking the world into famine and hunger. With an increased concern about Terrorists possessing various chemical weapons, and the US governments serious concentration on that issue, the concept is frighteningly real.
The kingdom of the fez
shall come to the thrown of Europe.
The Moorish law will be seen to fall
followed by another that is more pleasing
Boristanis will be the first to fall.
In this verse scholars say Nostradamus is describing an alliance between Islam and Russia. Starting in the south near the river Boristanis, Islam joins with Russia and nuclear power for the Muslim leader becomes possible. The Russians did straddle the fence between backing Saddam and strongly suggesting he comply to the UN resolutions. Again with Yugoslavia, the Russians stand against the NATO alliance. The question remains, how far will they go to back this leader?
A city divided by two heads and three arms
while Turkish leaders are forced to flee
by Iranian invaders.
"A city divided" presumably means Istanbul, which is divided into three parts on two continents. In dating this prophecy, scholars compare the language and events with other prophecies of a like event. They also use correspondence and other documents Nostradamus kept that may relate to a verse in the prophecy books. In this manner, a verse that has no astrological reference can be dated to at least a given year of occurrence. This method has been surprisingly accurate for past prophecies, so there's no reason to doubt that the predicted time for a future event is also as accurate. In that case, the invasion described in this verse would occur during 1998.
A woman hounded from power by conspirators,
returns triumphantly to rule;
from age seventy-three until her death.
1999 sees the reemergence of a female leader. At first some scholars suggested this to be Margaret Thatcher. She is the only woman to have ruled over a country during war time in the past 30 years. The war in the Faukland Islands might be considered by some to be less than a war, but others would strongly argue the point. But consider Hillary Clinton and her bid for the New York senate. She has been hounded by power conspirators, and she put her hat in the running for the senate, there's no doubt that the battle did get worse. As she increases her experience and reputation, will she eventually become a candidate for the presidency in years to come?
But we can't rule out the potential of Elizabeth Dole. Could she be hounded by Democratic power grubbers in retaliation? Regardless, this verse along with other supporting verses suggest that a woman will govern a major power again and the event will occur in the near future.
In July 1999, during a brief peace,
a heavenly paymaster stirs up a great Mongol overlord,
and war then resumes.
July 1999 we could see a visit by the Holy Catholic Pope to Iraq or directly to Saddam. The visit presumably is a plea for peace, which becomes a bribe to cease hostilities. Evidently this will infuriate the "Mongol" leader and war will resume.
There are several versus (V.48, v.54, II.4, VII.6 and VIII.84) that all suggest an invasion into southeastern Europe, the Balklands and a sea invasion into Italy by the Muslim forces. The sweep across Europe begins in 1999.
Mediterranean ports combine
to send warships against a North African fleet
and chase it back to Tunis.
With confederate fleets landing at Marseille,
armies set out from the Adriatic to march on Hungary,
Sicily is devastated,
and northern Italy is under gunfire.
In these two versus and in several others (V.48, II.49, V.47, VI.21) Nostradamus foretells of the European ports combining forces to fight back the Mongol hoards in Libya, Africa and off the coast of Sicily. But Asiatic forces push back across the Danube, reaching Rhodes and the ocean coast of Turkey.
In versus II.86, V.24, VI.54, Nostradamus describes the Iraqi forces over running Egypt. In II.5, he possibly predicts the Muslims invading Italy from the mainland side, effectively squeezing the country into submission.
A comet bright as the sun,
and the baying of the "Great Mastiff"
mark a Pope's change of abode.
In this verse, as well as VII.22, VII.22 and X.3, Nostradamus describes an attack on Rome by bombing and potentially "baying of the Great Mastiff" means conventional forces. The "Great Mastiff" is unlikely to be Hussien himself, but rather a General or great battlefield leader within the Muslim army. Regardless, it is obvious the Pope is forced to flee Rome, possibly to the papal palace in Avignon, France.
In the year of the new century and nine months,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city
Does Nostradamus describe the first nuclear target? In this verse he gives the longitude at 45 degrees, and we know whenever he spoke of a new city he was referring to a city in the new world. Scholars agree, this could only be New York. In this time of tension between the world's UN peace keepers in the Mid-East and the UN inspectors in Iraq, it does seem likely that the UN building in N.Y. could become a target.
Was this a prophecy of the weapons burning toward the city, or the city itself in flames? Could this describe the planes fiery engines, filled with fuel to create the largest explosion on impact? Osama bin Laden is definitely a King of Terror, not to mention the timing.
Near the gates and within the cities
there will be two scourges the like of which was never seen,
famine within plague, people put out by steel,
crying to the great immortal God for relief.
With the events of September 11, 2001, this quatrain becomes much clearer. Within 2 cities (New York and Washington DC), two scourges the like of which have never been seen. Until this time, no one has dared use a plan as a bomb. The people put out by steel is clearly the affects of the escape by many when the twin towers fell. After this event many Americans certainly did turn to their faith to find solace and relief.
A new war is coming, that's evident by all news accounts and threats. Sadly, as rescuers fought to free more victims in New York, their efforts added oxygen to burning embers which reignited into flames. The city continued to burn long after most thought the fires were extinguished. Could this line be referring to these rescue efforts? Or is this yet another event yet to come upon or after the President succumbs?
With Saturn in Aries
or badly aspected with Mars
occupying powers share out the spoils
amid horrors in Italy and Greece.
Presumably 2002 sees the Muslim forces succeeding in their overrun of Rome and Greece. Pillage of the great treasures of Greece and the wealth of Rome are divided amongst the benefactors while horrors and tragedies of the battle lie at their feet.
Saturn brings thunder in Burgundy,
an animal monster and four months' bloodshed.
In 2003 we might see bombing in Europe with some type of chemical war heads, the "thunder in Burgundy" could indicate some type of gas agents. After the bombing the anti-christ, or "animal monster" ensues a battle that lasts for 4 bloody months.
After peace and war,
a great mountain will be beset by floods
that will devastate many countries.
Nostradamus predicts a natural catastrophe during 2004 that will devastate Europe. What seems confusing about this verse is the first line. Could this be an indication of a cease fire, or the end of one war prior to the start of another longer lasting battle? This verse also coincides with his predictions of a potential meteor that strikes the earth. (See "The End of the World" near the end of this posting").
The City of the Sun is overrun
by barbarians from the Adriatic.
2005-Muslims move in to attack Lyon.
After a northward blowing wind carrying ashes,
lime and dust over the walls
causes the abandonment of a siege,
those involved are forced to withdraw by "rain".
In 2005 Nostradamus predicts several natural disasters that both help and hinder fighting efforts against the Muslim invasion. In this quatrain, the disaster is a help as ash and "lava rain" down on the attackers, forcing their withdraw of Rome.
Death, followed by flood, overtakes Rome,
as a leader is consigned to a dungeon
and castle and palace go up in flames.
Between 2006 and 2011, fighting continues through Italy, France and Spain. In versus III.20, VI.88, I.72, V.48 and the one above II.93, Nostradamus details the battles, the fall and even the murder of the leader of Rome, the Pope, by Muslim forces.
Spanish invaders inflict bloodshed
on northern France,
while a rescuing armada approaches.
2020, The French fight back Muslim invaders while help comes from the sea.
An expected coup is foretold,
the Orient is invaded during the night
confronted by the grand enemies;
Subsequent prestige is lost in Aquarius.
In this verse, Nostradamus suggests the Muslims invade the Orient, presumably through China during the night. The assault succeeds in late January or early February in 2024.
2025 - The War Begins To End
Having overrun much of the world with his hordes,
a great enemy leader is poisoned,
blaming his impending death on a variety of unlikely agents.
A Muslim soldier kills an already-dying ruler,
at the request of an ambitious mother,
to both his and the regime's subsequent regret.
In these two versus, Nostradamus foretells of the successful assassination of the 3rd anti-christ. The Muslim overlord is poisoned and "mercifully" put to death in 2026. The breakdown in leadership begins and the European nations succeed in fighting back their invaders.
Southwestern France rises in revolt
when a monster is born near Orgon.
2026 sees the French rising up against their oppressors after the birth of a potential successor to the fallen Muslim leader.
In versus II.16, II.71, II.34, V.23 and others, Nostradamus thankfully continues his theme of a western counter invasion. The new allied forces push the Muslims back through occupied Italy reaching Sicily by 2027. The fight continues into 2032 when a new Ahenobarbus defeats the Muslim invaders.
Warships and cargo vessels captured from Iran,
attack Iranian Muslims and sack the Greek islands
before retiring to an Ionian port.
A Griffin-like ruler of Europe attacks the Iraqi leader
with an international northern army.
In this verse, Nostradamus foretells of the further counter invasion by European forces in 2034. The battles push the Muslims all the way back into the Middle East. By the end of 2034, the European allied forces invade Turkey in their new crusade to retake the territory and restore freedom and peace.
After great disasters, population declines
peace ensues with safe land, sea and air travel.
Populations decrease, either by war or disease. Peace returns to the world and with it, global prosperity is predicted between 2034 and 2100.
The End of the World
Contrary to popular belief, Nostradamus does not predict the date when the world will end. This "rumor" is the result of would be interpreters who seemingly make some vast assumptions concerning many versus within the quatrains. Those assumptions seem to be based on correlations to Biblical chapters that foretell the end of the world during an apocalyptic event. A time when the skies fall, the earth shakes and dead rise.
Taken in context with his other quatrains, writings and clues to dating his predictions, the world seems to last for a bit longer than the 7000a.d. mark currently forecast by some. In short here's a brief tour of the world in the distant future.
One prophecy suggests the fall of the Pope during WWIII is coincided with an astrological event, either a comet or more likely a meteor.
Disaster from the skies,
like the seventh stone,
strikes when least expected.
Shortly before sun and moon are dimmed,
cold, drought,
and danger are abroad.
With the far future dimming
of sun and moon,
two mighty rescuers appear.
These three versus support the meteor theory which cast the earth in to a "nuclear winter". The earth is stricken into a time of drought, possibly 40 years. Then bombarded by rain and flood, famine and still the war rages on during most of this time period. There are some who suggest the last line of III.5 is what turns everything around.
The 2 mighty rescuers are suggested to be extraterrestrial. In fact Nostradamus defines many versus of extraterrestrial visitations and influence on the world. Both in the past and increasingly in the future.
The versus continue into the future describing peace, and a new awareness of personal spiritual evolution; a "new age" if you will. As if man has finally evolved to a point of peace and cast off the shackles of greed, ego and avarice.
Then one May, presumably in 2828, a huge earthquake is felt that is so grand the land seemingly turns itself upside down. Nostradamus predicts the rising of the dead as part of this quake. However, putting the vision into context with other quatrains, it is conceivable that the "rising" is actually the unearthing of coffins during the initial quake or several aftershocks.
This amazing event seems to happen during the middle of the 2828 Olympic games. A time when the world is already focused on itself and unity. Some scholars use this vision in conjunction with prophecies of the bible or other religions text and suggest Nostradamus is predicting the time of the apocalypse, the time of Revelations.
The problem is, there are many more prophecies to be fulfilled based on the dating process. No where in his books "Prophecies of Nostradamus", does he more clearly define this than in verse I.48, described below.
Fulfillment of Nostradamus Prophecies
by the year 7000 and nine moons.
A prediction about himself. Nostradamus foresaw the completion of all his prophecies by September 7000.

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