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Reiki II
Symbol 1

The first Reiki symbol is called: Cho Ku Rei
Pronunciation: Cho Koo Ray
General Meaning: I call upon the Divine and ask for 100% of the Reiki energy be sent through me and placed here upon this person (or whatever) in need.
Purpose: Used anytime to focus additional energy in a particular area that feels as if it needs an extra dose of healing. It can be performed over any area of the body, or over a proxy for absentee healing.

Using your power hand, draw the symbol over the area in need. Repeat the name of the symbol with each circular counterclockwise movement. There should be three full circles, so you need to repeat the name of the symbol three times.

Remember the circles maybe counterclockwise to you, but from the perspective of the receiver it's clockwise. This is an important notation. Especially if you are a Wiccan practioner. In most spiritual sects, counterclockwise motions are used with the intent of causing disarray. Clock wise is used for clearing up energy, issues or whatever.

Mao-Son, HumIn Japan this symbol is known as Symbol 1. Some believe it is based on the Japanese Un symbol of Mao-Son, the Hum (pictured to the right). The actual origin of this symbol is elusive however. The words themselves Chu Ku Rei mean to "fix miraculously"; Chu Ku being "to fix" and Rei being "miracle".
The known Reiki symbol maybe a combined stylized version of the original Kanji character for Chuku. In this form the character takes on several meanings that can apply to the Reiki intent.
immediately, at once, urgently, straightaway
mend, repair, fix, restore
See the Japanese Kanji Dictionary for additional information

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