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Reiki II
Symbol 2

The second Reiki symbol is called: Sei He Ki
Pronunciation: Say Hay Key
General Meaning: My mind to your mind, my spirit to your spirit, my subconscious to your subconscious.
Purpose: Used to clear mental or emotional blockages, to correct undesirable habits and to affirm the positive aspects in oneself (or the client).
Usage: Using your power hand, draw the symbol over the crown on the top of the head only. Repeat the name of the symbol with each movement of the pictogram.

In Japan this symbol is known as Symbol 2. The Reiki symbol is closely similar to the Hrih, Japanese kiriku symbol of Amia Butsu. Also known as Amida Nyorai, the character of Amida Butsu, the Buddha who said "of Infinite Light and Life", known for being always there for anyone who calls onto him with a sincere heart.
I cannot find Seiheki as a singular word in any Japanese dictionary. However, if you break the word down into it's 3 parts, Sei He Ki, you can find each of these and their corresponding usage and Kanji symbols.
To understand the usage it would be important to breakdown each character.
The entire phrase could be seen as "the healer within me meets the spirit, mind and soul within you; together we will workout a solution and discover the answer".
See the Japanese Kanji Dictionary for additional information.

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