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Magikal Tools

Tools For Ceremony and Ritual
Ceremonial tools are used in every religion and spiritual following. The bells of a Buddhist, lighting candles in a Catholic church, or a golden goblet for ceremonial wine during communion are all perfect examples. Witchcraft has a wide range of symbolic tools depending on the tradition you practice. Modern American sects use a bell to announce a spiritual calling, but this practice is rarely found in ancient Celtic ceremonies for instance.
The important thing is to find and use the tools that you feel most comfortable with. Second to that is caring for those tools with the proper respect and reverence they deserve. A ceremonial bowl should be kept clean and carefully stored in your magikal cabinet/closet or on your altar. A magikal closet or cabinet is also a good location for storing you magikal tools. This practice was made popular by 'kitchen witches' in the late 1700s. Tools were often hidden in out of the way, locked, or secret cabinets to protect the owner from being found out as a witch. A deadly practice in those days.
Starting Your Magikal Closet
Our list of Magikal Tools is not all the tools you need in your magik closet. And we will be adding to this list from time to time. But this is a start of the essentials you may want to include. Not all witches use these tools, or if they do, they may use them for different purposes than we mention here. This is just a list of suggestions and what you might use the tool for.
Before you use any tool, it should be Cleansed, Cleared and Consecrated for use.
The Bell
To ring in the beginning and ending of a ceremony or ritual.
To symbolize and connect with specific energies for specific ceremonies. For instance, some witches casting healing spells will wear an amulet made of malachite or emeralds to connect with the green healing energy of the divine forces.
To symbolize masculine energy or the God force of the Divine.
Used to present offerings such as rose pedals, sage or tobacco to the spirits.
Used for holding salt, water, oils and other mixtures
For decoration, sweeping energy, or a spiritual barrier such as "Jumping The Broom" keeping the negative or unwanted forces out of a space.
All colors, shapes and sizes. Different colors will be used for different castings, rituals and ceremonies, so be sure you have a variety of colors available.
Candle holders
Make your altar interesting for yourself. You may have a particular set of candle holders you like to use for one type of ritual, but you may not feel they are appropriate for another.
Every witch needs a mixing bowl with which to combine energy and essences of nature.
Crystals and Gems
Different crystals and gems hold different energies. You may want to keep a variety of crystals in your magik cabinet for various rituals.
Divination Tools
From a crystal ball, to Runes and Tarot cards. Keep your skills sharp, your mind interested and a variety of divination methods at your finger tips.
Herbs, dried plants and spices
There are various combinations of herbs, plants and spices that add energy and purpose to your rituals. Learn the various uses and keep your favorites handy.
Just like the herbs and spices, incense are used for cleansing, clearing, calling in energies and much more.
Lighters or matches
Don't get into the midst of a ritual and realize you have no way to light your candles or incense.
Magik Book {A Grimoire, Book Of Shadows, etc.}
A journal to keep your favorite spells nearby, to record your experiences or simply to write your thoughts and feelings.
Music and Music Players
Music of various types that bring significant spiritual meaning and energies to your sacred space.
Pentacles, Pentagrams
Used for various purposes
For making a circle. You might keep various lengths at hand. A five foot rope for making a childrens circle and a 10 foot rope for a private circle are examples.
Sea Salt
For cleansing objects and using in your ritual ceremonies.
Any objects that give you spiritual significance for an altar or ceremonial purpose.
Stirring Utensils
Glass, copper, or wood, various types, sizes and makes.
For projecting your energies to other objects, people or dimensions
Wooden Boxes
For storing sacred objects, such as a deck of tarot cards or other specially consecrated tools.

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