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Clearing & Cleansing
An Area Or Object

Objects, Talismans, Spiritual Areas
Anything used for spiritual work should be cleansed of energy before it's used. That includes an area where spiritual work will be conducted, objects, talismans or tools used for ritual work. The idea is to clear out any unwanted energies that might affect or interfere with your spiritual experience. This is especially important for new tools or objects that you will use in a ritual or as a talisman.
A talisman is an object consecrated with psychic energy to serve a specific purpose and intent. It is used to support desired changes and support to it's owners environment or lifestyle. It can be an object such as a crystal that you keep in your pocket to help you feel calm during a difficult time in your life, or even for something more specific such as a tough meeting you may have that day. It can be an object such as a necklace that you wear to support protection. It can be a ring that support and promote a connection between two people, such as a set of wedding rings. It might even be a statue or picture of your favorite totem animal, god or goddess that promotes your connection with their energy during rituals or when you feel you need their help and strength in your life.
Basically objects are used in rituals to help one focus their energy for a specific intent, as talismans for support away from the ritual space, as representations of specific energies desired to be incorporated in a ritual or to assist a practioner in making a connection to a certain type of spiritual energy or Divine Spirit during a ceremony.
Clearing and Cleansing
There are many methods to clearing and cleansing, and you may want to make up your own based on your personal beliefs. Here is a step by step example from beginning to end that works on spaces, objects or even people. If you're looking for a method to clear and cleanse yourself, check the Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting Your Energies article.
Before you begin, prepare a small alter to hold the objects you'll need for the cleansing and clearing. Gather together:
  • A white candle.
  • Sage and cedar smudge if you can find it. If not sandlewood incense will suffice.
  • A large feather.
  • A clear quartz crystal.
  • A lighter or book of matches.
  • If this cleansing is for a person, you might need or want to use a proxy. A proxy is an object that acts as a "stand-in". It holds the essence of the person, or even an animal and allows you to focus your energies on the proxy for the cleansing. This is a common method used to conduct long-distance healing rituals.
When To Cleanse or Consecrate
For ritual space, clearing and cleansing should be done before each use. This can be done within a minute or two, you don't have to make this a major effort. The most common practice is to use an incense, walking in a clockwise direction to move out negative and unwanted energies as you say a prayer or spell. Then to walk around the area a second time to set a shield of protection to keep those energies from re-entering the space.
Any new object you have made or purchased should always be cleansed before use. Additionally, it's common to empower the object with a specific energy for it's intended use. For instance, you may find a rose quartz crystal that you want to use for emotional healing rituals or as a tool for healing services. This crystal should be consecrated with that specific intent and only used for that purpose. This is true for any object or tool you use for spiritual work, be it a wand, athame, tarot cards, crystals, talismans and even candles used in rituals and ceremonies.
Depending on the amount of use will dictate how often you'll need to re-cleanse and re-program your object or tool. Something you wear every day, such as a talisman may not need to be consecrated as often as something you use in rituals. Healing and divination tools used on a regular basis should be cleansed and consecrated each month, maybe more if you use them daily.
Typically after you consecrate an object you will feel it's energy when you hold or work with the tool. If you don't feel this 'vibration' then it maybe time to re-cleanse and re-consecrate the item. A talisman, such as a piece of jewelry you wear daily doesn't need this as much, because you keep the thought and energy with you always. You may hold the object and think of the energy you programmed into it. You may rub a necklace pendant and think about the protection you need or desire at that moment in time. Doing this re-energizes the object with your intent and that strengthens it's energy for the purpose you empowered it with.
The best time to clear, cleanse and consecrate new tools or objects is during the New phase of the Moon. The energy from the New Moon heightens the clearing and cleansing of new objects, but it's also good for re-cleanse and re-programming objects. You can use other tools that you have already empowered with specific uses to help you clear, cleanse and even consecrate a new object.
The following is a simple outlined ritual for clearing, cleansing and consecrating an object for a specific use. You can use these steps as inspiration for creating your own ritual, or use them as is. There is no single right way to do this. There are some basic steps but you can alter these to your personal needs and preferences.
A Simple Ritual
Pick a time when you're not going to be disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes.Sit your tools on your right and the object to be cleansed and consecrated on your left. A practioner will create a circle and step into it for the work. A Shaman might sit on the ground and create a small medicine wheel for the objects to be placed in.
  1. Begin the ritual in a standing position, facing the great North Winds. Light the incense you have brought to the ritual and say a prayer to the God/Goddess for assistance, energy and protection. (This is for you and the circle.)
  2. Turn to the right and face east, (you can use your hand or a specially made feather fan to spread the smoke of the incense through the room). Wave the fan over the incense to use the smoke to clear out old energies and prepare for new ones. Ask the God/Goddess to bring forth your guides, and teachers to assist you in the cleansing and rededication of the object/proxy. Wave the smoke through the air fanning it away from you toward the east. Ask that this energy move out any negative or unwanted essences from your circle and your home.
  3. Turn to the right facing south. Fan the smoke out toward the south and ask The God/Goddess and your guides for their energy and the positive forces within the universe to assist you in consecrating the object for "state your purpose..what you intend to use the space or object for". If it is a person who is receiving the cleansing, you might state something like, "Clear and cleansing the person in order for divine purpose and energies to enter their life and help them with their mission and lessons in this life".
  4. Turn to the right facing west. Fan the smoke out toward the south and give thanks for the assistance and help you are about to receive.
  5. Turn to the right again facing North and step into the circle, or just sit down in front of the circle you're creating.
  6. If it is a space you're clearing, many practioners will mark the area with a cotton rope, using a broom to mark the entry point. When the space has been defined, the practioner will "jump over the broom" as a symbol of entry into a sacred space, and a gateway that keeps out any negative influences.
  7. Set the incense in a holder on the right side of the circle and allow the smoke to fill the space. Imagine the smoke clearing out the energies around you replacing it with clear bright white light from the divine forces. Say a prayer if you like, something of your own to add to the creation of the pure light.
  8. Put the candle at the top of the circle. As you light the wick imagine this source of this flame coming from within your being..from inside your solar plexus. Say a prayer as you light the wick..something like..."I light this candle as a symbol of the divine spirit within me and around me. As a beacon for all the positive forces that reside and exist in this time and space."
  9. Pick up the crystal and imagine the white light of divine knowledge traveling through the top of your head, down your arms and through the palms of your hands into the crystal. As the energy travels through your arms, imagine it shifting or splitting into 3 additional energies. Pink for unconditional love, emerald green for divine healing and white for divine knowledge. Charge the crystal with these energies and place a thought in it's structure for what you want it to help you with.
    1. In this case, you want the crystal to push out the tiniest elements of negative force or manipulative energies from the center of the space, object or person, moving it out to encompass it about 2 inches from the surface. Imagine the white,pink and green light pushing a gray smoky light of negative or unwanted energies out of the very fibers and essences.
    2. You cap this vision off with another prayer of intent..something like "God/Goddess, guides and teachers, I ask your assistance to charge this crystal with the light and energy of the divine, with unconditional love and the knowledge of understanding, for the purpose of clearing, cleansing and energizing this gift." Then place the crystal on the right side of the wheel.
  10. If you are using a proxy to clear or cleanse a person or animal, now is the time to place the essence of that person into the proxy. Imagine the face of the person, their characteristics, who they are and what they mean to you. Then imagine all that energy rolled up into one large ball of light floating into and encompassing the proxy.
  11. Whether this ritual is for a person/proxy or an object, move it into the medicine wheel from the south, from the bottom. As you cross the line into the circle say a prayer: "I receive this beautiful (name the object) with appreciation and thanks. I ask the divine forces present to help me clear, cleanse and consecrate this object for the use of (state the purpose again).
    1. Or, "I welcome (the name of the person) into my circle with honor and respect. I ask the divine forces present to help us clear, cleanse and rejuvenate their energies of mind/body and spirit for the purpose of (whatever they need, health, a special meeting coming up and so on).
    2. Set the object/proxy in the center of the circle, or provide a place for the person to sit in the center. Some shaman's will start this ceremony by adding a plate of salt in the center of the circle, then lighting the candle and charging the crystal. The object is placed on top of the salt. This plate represents the "salt of the earth" the energies that can help "ground" the purpose of the object. It's up to you. You may want to do this with object that will be used for healing or ritual ceremonies.
  12. With the object in the circle..using your fan or hand (in your right hand) pick up the incense (with the left hand) and spread the smoke all over the object/proxy. Use the visualization of the incense as white smoke, moving out the dark brown or black negative energies from the object/proxy.
    1. Say a prayer for the cleansing, "I use the smoke of this sage & cedar (or whatever) to cleanse the old from this gift. To move out any previous energies that exists within it's walls either by purpose or by accident." Once you feel comfortable with the amount of smoke you've covered the object/proxy with, set the incense back in the holder. Some people who use sticks of incense will keep 2 or 3 sticks in the holder and light them one at a time as the first stick begins to near it's end. That's ok..just add a sentence when lighting the next stick..something like..I light this flame to continue the energy of this ritual.
  13. Pick up the crystal and hold it in your hands over the object/proxy. Imagine the same light coming through your head from the divine and moving through your arms just as before. Altering the energy as it reaches your hands to include the pink and green light. But add to your visualization the white light from the God/Goddess and all your guides coming from above straight into the top of the crystal.
    1. Imagine this pure white light mixing with the altered energies from you, entering and combining forces inside the crystal. Say "I call upon my guides, teachers and the God/Goddess to assist me in cleansing this object/proxy and re-energizing it with the positive light of the divine. I ask that the purpose of "state the purpose again" be placed within the fibers and essence of this gift for my future use and enjoyment."
    2. Now imagine like a ray or beam of light and energy, all this "power" from you and your helpers coming from the bottom of the crystal down into the object/proxy. Pushing through the top of the object/proxy, into it's center..then spreading out pushing anything unwanted from it's walls out toward the edges of the circle. As this energy reaches the edges of the circle add this..and this is important!
    3. "I ask the God/Goddess to take the negative energies from this object/proxy and move it out into the universe where it can be dissipated and no longer do harm to any one..not to me, those who come in contact with this object/proxy from now to the future, through the life of the object/proxy. I ask that the energies placed on this object prior to this day, whether by intent or by accident, be removed and dissipated."
    4. Hold this image for a few seconds, some people hold it for a while and add a quick visualized meditation that includes the positive use of the object, or space. If it's a person, the image is one of divine purpose and moving forward in positive health and light.
    5. When you have finished your visualization (whatever it is..long or short) place the crystal on top of the object/proxy. Say "I ask that the energy programed into this crystal be added to the essence of this gift. To be absorbed, partnered and utilized by this object/proxy for the betterment and highest good of all."
  14. To conclude the ceremony, close your eyes and thank all the guides, teachers and God/Goddess for coming to your aid and guiding your energy and words. Move the incense out of the circle and thank the energy of the smoke for it's assistance.
    1. Move the object/proxy out of the circle and add, "I thank all the forces who came for their assistance, I ask that the energy of this circle be closed for the purpose of this cleansing and re-energizing. I ask that only that which is still needed within my home, my being and the object/proxy remain until such time as the divine energy has affected the positive changes desired. I bless thee and thank thee all. Amen"
  15. Now blow out your candle. Get up from your circle and move the object/proxy to an alter or a fire place mantle does very nicely; a place where it will not be disturbed for the remainder of the day/night. Leave the crystal on top of the object/proxy until the next day. Some people will light a candle next to the object sort of as a vigil representing the divine work in progress. Just remember if you're doing this at night, you'll want to be safe about leaving a candle burning when no one is awake..don't burn down your house.
  16. Clean up any thing you have left in the circle or space and say one last word of thanks to the Gods/Goddess and spiritual helpers.
  17. The next day when you're your hands on both sides of the object/proxy..without touching. Close your eyes and try to sense the energy of the object. What do you feel? If you feel that the cleansing and re-energizing has been successful..remove the crystal and say another quick prayer of thanks.
Final Thoughts
If you feel any residual energies you don't like, leave the object/proxy in it's place and light a candle next to again. Some people may conduct this ceremony a second or even third time. That's fine..if the individual thinks something is still there, then for them it is still there. If however after the 3rd time the person feels as if they can affect the desired shift in energy, there are 2 options. Asking a priest/shaman to clear the energies for you or returning the object. If that return isn't possible, then discard the item. Some people will take it out into the woods and bury it. It's up to you.
Once your ceremony has been completed, wrap the object in a fabric of natural fibers (cotton, silk, etc). Sit it by your side and record your experience in your Spiritual Grimoire. When you have completed your record of the event, you can take the object out of the fabric and use it. Or you may want to keep it covered until your ready to use it later.

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