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Spell Construction

Using Magik and Spells
First thing to note is that not all Pagan Metaphysical practitioners use magik on their spiritual practices. It's not required and it's not a corner stone to our belief system. Magik and spells can be practiced on any spiritual path. There are Christian Witchesj ust as there are Pagan Witches.  Witch is merely a label that identifies a person as a Magikal practitioner. It's not the only label for these individuals. Shamans, Mage, Sage and a variety of other types of folk use magik.
People who use magik separate from a spiritual practice however, are typically called Ceremonial Mage. This is not a method I advocate or teach. So if Spellcraft is all you're interested in, you should search for Ceremonial Magik and end your research here.
There is no right or wrong way to doing things. There's what works for you and your views and that's it for your practice. The GreatSpirits know you're a novice and try to work with you, not against you while you're learning. But as with all things, be careful what you ask for. You might get it. That's exceptionally true when casting magik through spellcraft.
With that said, I don't believe in using the spells created by others for things I need or want. You don't know the intent behind the creation of the words or tools that person has put into their process. So you really can't be 100% sure what you evoke is really what's beingpurported.
Additionally, a spell is based on you and your energy. You're accountable for it, so it should be yours from creation to implementation. Only then can you know for sure what the intent is. If you're worried about harming others, remember that any form of manipulation of someone else is considered a negative action. Some magikal practitioners believe such spells are akin to spiritual rape. You can't force someone to love you or do something for you and expect there will be no consequences for such manipulation. That's true for spells with good intentions too.
A healing spell for someone you don't have permission to heal could do more harm than good. An 89 year old grand mother suffering with cancer may welcome the transition to death. But a healing spell could cause them to continue their suffering for longer than they desired. Manipulation good or bad is not a positive intent. 
Creating Your Own Spell
Creating your own spell takes a little effort, research and some good thought. So don't rush through your design. Take your time, think things through, recite your verse and make sure it's saying what you truly intend and what you feel connected to.
A spell is nothing more than a verbal expression of your desires, wishes and prayers utilizing Magik. Just as with many prayers, or songs, a spell can be both literary and poetic, or simple and to the point. The trick to casting a good spell, is finding the right way to say it and do it for yourself, not based on what someone else says you should do. In other words, if it doesn't feel right to you, don't do it.
The best spells are the ones you create yourself. Don't stop reading here just because you don't think you have the talent or creativity to create a good spell. You do! Trust me. You just need to follow a few basic steps and you'll be able to perform some of the most beautiful rituals you can imagine. Not to mention gaining some well needed experience for your practice.
The Power Of A Spell
A spell or prayer finds its energy from you and your connection to the energy of Divine Creation. You bring it to life and put it forth on the breath of the universal wind. Once it comes to life, the energy of your words can grow, evolve and manifest into reality. But first you must find the words that have meaning to you. After all you will be the one casting these words and desires upon the wind, if you don't believe in what they say, how are they going to have the will to bring them to life?
The power of a spell is like the power of a prayer. It finds it's life within your personal intent, your desire, and you need to bring the event into manifestation. Ultimately, a spell finds life through your belief and energy.
Constructing A Spell
There are only 9 simple steps to creating a good spell. Get out your Book of Shadows and favorite pen, then begin your construction.
  1. Before you even think of setting up your ritual space, or gathering your tools, you must think about the design of your ritual and the underlying intent or purpose of the spell.
    1. The first section of your spell is a statement of intent. Clearly define what you wish to accomplish with this spell.
      • Write out the words you want to recite during the rite, so you don't stumble over your words. Create a simple 4 line verse which explains your desire and intent. The verse can rhyme if you like, but it doesn't have to.
      • Here's an example of a love spell:
        I set forth my heart and wish,
        for a loving honey of a dish.
        I send out my desire for love,
        upon the divine wings of a dove.
        To share my spiritual need and life,
        with a precious woman who will be my wife.  - or -
        with honor and respect to be his wife.
      • Here's an example of an employment spell from Patricia Telesco:
        My goal is sure,
        my need is strong,
        help me find where I belong.
        To meet my needs,
        employment I seek,
        bring me success by the end of the week.
    2. The second verse casts the energy of your intent out to universe for creation.
      • The GreatSpirits blessing I request
        to bring forth this wish to it's best.
        Upon the smoke of this flame (light your candle)
        I send forth my words and name.
      • Here's an example of a simple verse:
        Please GreatSpirits, my Spirit Guides and friends,
        Help me send my words and intent into the Divine Universe for manifestation by the end of the week.
    3. The last verse defines the reason for the casting. Be it healing, spiritual knowledge, or to share your love.
      • I send forth these words for healing, for success, for financial security; whatever you're asking for.
      • Again you can rhyme or simply explain what you need and why.
  2. If you want to invoke a particular alchemical element, decide which one will best represent and compliment the energy you wish to create. If you need help with the elements, read the Alchemy Of Life posting. Once you've decided which element to utilize, select an object or tool that will best represent that energy in your ritual.
  3. Decide how you will visualize your desire as you recite your spell. My favorite scientist, Albert Einstein, once said "Thought is energy. To create energy, use your imagination". This is the principal behind visualization. Saying the words to your spell at the same time visualizing their creation will add energy to your ritual. Don't skimp on your visualization! You might consider doing this part of your ritual within the frame work of a mini-meditation so that you can fully enjoy your visualization journey.
  4. List out all the items and tools you want to use during your ritual. Candles, stones/crystals, tools, matches, music, tape player or recorder, your Book Of Shadows, a pen, and so on. Make a check list so you don't forget anything when you're inside your circle.
  5. If you wish to invoke a deity, decide which one. Chose some symbolic object to represent that deity within the ritual. Write out the words for a prayer or blessing to honor the deity you've chosen. This should be done before you begin to recite your spell verses.
  6. If you practice the Celtic method of honoring by food, decide what type of food to prepare, how to prepare it and how you will incorporate it within your ritual.
  7. Decide where you will conduct your ritual. Where will depend largely upon your physical resources and environment. Make sure the ritual space is clean, and uncluttered. Make sure the place you choose will provide you with at least 30-60 minutes of privacy. And make sure the ritual space is an area where you feel completely comfortable and at ease in.
  8. The last preparation is to decide the time for your ritual. Timing involves a few considerations. If you are invoking a specific deity, you might determine which time of the day, night, week or even month is best suited for that particular deity. You might even decide to conduct your ritual in conjunction with a particular phase of the moon or location of the sun.
  9. Finally at the end of your ritual you want to give thanks for the blessings you already have in your life and send out thanks to the Divine Universe for the help in manifesting the desires of your spell.
Pagan's Path Grimoire
That's all there is to the construction of a spell. If you'd like an example of a spell ritual from start to finish, you might take a look at the PagansPath Grimoire.

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