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What Is Herbology?

What Is Herbology?
Actually there is no such word in the english dictionary. But it has become a word frequently used in NewAge medicine. Basically Herbology is the study and use of Herbs. "Use" can mean many things and herbs can cover a wide range of uses. From bath lotions and salves to teas and food additives. An herb is a plant that has a fleshy, rather than a woody stem. They often seemingly die back into the earth at the end of each growing season, popping back up in the Spring to late spring.
Herbs are not the only plants that provide various remedies for daily life. Plants in general are natural chemical factories, but believe it or not, none really "cure" illnesses. They alleviate symptoms or pain, but they are basically palliative compounds. This can be true for many synthetic compounds as well. But there is evidence that their physiological interactions create bio-dynamic results. Now I like that word bio-dynamic. Bio means life or living organism, and dynamic pertains to energy, motion or force. So what does this mean?
To me, it means that plants work "with us" to create a cure. Plants alone don't cure your ills, but rather they work with you. Kind of a nice thought when you think about everything in the world being part of everything else. It's like a partnership. So perhaps we can say that Herbology is the study of merging the compounds of the plant kingdom with the compounds of animal tissues, which would include the human animal.

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