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Herbology: Herbal Symbology
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Symbology Of Herbs
As with most things, plants, herbs, flowers and trees have all had a long history of associated symbolic meaning. And of course the meaning of a plant depends on the culture and tradition of the people who established the symbolic association. The following is just a brief example of Anglo-Saxon symbolic association. You may also want to review Incense Symbology if you cannot find what you're looking for here.

Aloe Healing, protection and affection

Angelica Inspiration
Arborvitae Unchanging friendship
Bachelor's button Single blessedness
Basil Good wishes and love
Bay Glory
Black-eyed Susan Justice
Carnation Alas for my poor heart
Chamomile Patience
Chives Usefulness
White Clover Think of me
Coriander Hidden worth
Cumin Fidelity  
Desert Sage Consecration, protection.  
Fennel Flattery  
Fern Sincerity  

Oak Leaved Geranium True Friendship
Golden Rod Encouragement
 Heliotrope Eternal love
Holly   Hope
Hollyhock  Ambition
Honeysuckle  Bonds of love
Horehound  Health
Hyssop  Sacrifice and cleanliness
Ivy  Friendship and continuity
Lady's Mantle  Comforting
Lavender Devotion and virtue  
Lemon balm  Sympathy  
Marjoram Joy and happiness  
Mint Eternal refreshment  
Morning glory Affection  
Nasturtium Patriotism  
Oak Strength
Oregano Substance
Pansy Thoughts
Parsley Festivity
Pine Humility and protection
Red Poppy Consolation
Rose Aspects of love.
Rosemary Remembrance
Rue Grace and clear vision
Sage Wisdom and immortality
Blue Salvia I think of you  
Red Salvia Forever mine  
Savory Spice and interest  
Sorrel Affection  
Southernwood Constancy and jest  

Sweet pea  Pleasures
Sweet woodruff  Humility
Tansy  Hostile thoughts
Tarragon  Lasting interest
Thyme  Courage and strength
Valerian  Readiness
Violet  Loyalty and devotion
Blue Violet  Faithfulness
Yellow Violet  Rural happiness
Willow  Sadness
  Zinnia  Thoughts of absent friends

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Created: 9.29.2004 Updated: 05.14.2008