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Forest Sprites
A Personal Experience

Are Fairies/Sprites Real?
I just love Fairies! I often go into the mountains and walk through the forest. I'm most at home in the wood lands, especially when they're shady and the rocks are covered with sweet green moss. I try to go to one place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia I'm most fond of at least once each season for meditation. I sit on the rocks, try to "tune" into the energy of the woods and invite the spirits to share with me.
During one of my first adventures into these woods I encountered some little flying creatures who called themselves the Forest Sprites. There were 3 of them, 2 with very feminine energy, the other with male. They told me their job was to guide the creatures who dwell in the woods and protect the forest, plants and water. They were very happy with some of the work that has occurred to save this part of the Blue Ridge as a national park, but they also wanted someone to look into a few areas where the land was being abused.
They explained to me how the abuse was occurring, what was occurring and in general who was doing it. I wasn't sure how to proceed with this information, but I took it and told them I would try and do what I could. One my way home, I took some back roads and ended up in an area of the mountains I wasn't really familiar with. I knew I was going in the "right" direction, but I really didn't know where I was.
I turned a corner and came face to face with the area the Sprites were trying to describe to me. I pulled my car over and wrote down some of my observations. I got back on the road, made a few turns onto other roads, stilling hoping I was taking a round about way to a street I'd recognize. When I finally got down out of the mountain I knew exactly where I was, and I was 5 miles from a Ranger station. I drove there quickly and gave them the information I had recorded in my notebook.
I found out later that a local company had been dumping toxic materials in this area of the mountains. They did (unfortunately) have a permit for dumping, but it wasn't for anything even close to toxic materials. The feds moved in, shut them down, fined them and made them pay for the clean up.
Since then, I've encountered many of these wonderful Sprite creatures. So I guess my answer to your question is; Yes I do believe in Fairies. I have had contact with them. And I think they are a form of "angel". I think these type of Fairies, the Forest Sprites, are the Angels of nature.

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Created:  03.31.2002       Updated: 12.16.2007


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