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Psychic Development
Developing Your Talents

Can I Develop A Psychic Gift?
Everyone is psychic to one degree or another. Some people are just more"aware" of the unseen energies within and around them than others are. But those "gut feelings", that woman's intuition, all are psychic abilities. If you haven't already, I'd suggest you go back a few postings and read about Psychic Gifts. This posting describes what being a psychic is, vs. what a channel.
Of all the questions I'm asked, this is the most common topic. "How can I develop my own psychic skills?" The sad thing is, when someone is asked why they want to do this, they don't really have an answer.
The first suggestion, whether you think you know why or not, is to write down and define why you want to tap into your psychic abilities. Define the "intent". That word is going to become very important during the course of this topic. The intent behind why you generate energy to meditate, to make a connection to your higher conscious, to the divine sources , determines the base of the energy created.
Next I strongly recommend you read the article Meditation, Energy and Action. This is the most important article on this site. The message and lessons contained in that article will make developing your talents so much easier and fulfilling than anything I can say beyond this point. So if you haven't read it, pause now and read that first.
Do I have the power?
Start to understand right now that power is an illusion. It's an ego trip, or an arrogance that serves no purpose except to hold you back. No one has more or less "power" than anyone else. We are all equal. Everyone has an ability within them to call upon, or talk to spirit. Calling on a spiritual guide or entity does not give you more power either. You are not the source of power, nor will you be the container for it. Energy flows through us all, from one to another and back again to the spiritual realms around us.
I can't explain enough how important this is. One of the first things you must learn is how to move your own ego aside and allow the divine forces to work through you and with you. Allowing your own ego to get the best of you, will eventually turn against your abilities and sometimes with your physical body.
Clearing the Psyche'.
Before a psychic can "become", they have to learn how to clear the psyche. This is probably the most misunderstood metaphysical event and yet one of the most important. Without this 'clearing' or releasing many old patterns will:
  1. Take energy away from the individual, keeping them from rising their consciousness up into the divine ethers.
  2. Set limits on an individual's perspective (making their perspective linear). Again, this will limit a persons psychic abilities.
  3. Stop spiritual growth through the 'not knowing' they're working on their own divinity. Without growth, a psychic can not achieve enlightenment. Once more, this will limit the persons abilities.

Clearing the psyche' is removing karma, changing negative thought patterns and achieving spiritual lessons that will help you become a better 'pure' psychic.

    The first step to clearing the psyche is to Acknowledge the existence of a karmic issue, or negative trait. Find that one thing in your life that really sticks in your craw and examine it. Define it, look into the details of the issue or event. Why does this issue upset or bother you? How does it effect you when it occurs or when you think about it?
    Setting a Form
    Once you have defined the issue, give it a form. Sit quietly and move your mind into a meditative state. In your mind, imagine a play or story starring this issue. Allow the images to play out in your mind until everything you've defined in acknowledging the issue has been addressed.
    Once you acknowledge the issue and given it form, Forgive. Either Forgive yourself for having those perceptions, or forgive those individuals or issues you think played a part in it, or both. But until you Forgive the issue, you can't release it and that's the next step. Within the meditation, attempt to contact the people, or yourself even, to discuss how the issue made you feel. Why it effected you the way it has. Then forgive the person, or people, or yourself. See yourself saying I'm sorry. See yourself forgiving the others for the part they played.
    Release the past.
    You have to be able to release the issue, to 'take the power' out it so that there's nothing there to hold you back. And this can be done if you have truly forgiven all concerned or related to the issue. In your meditation, imagine yourself opening the door to let the individuals out. Watch the issue as it floats out into the ethers, surrounded by unconditional love and forgiveness.
    Reward yourself
    Finally once you've achieved the acknowledgement, forgiveness and letting go: Reward yourself. This is almost instant karmic payback. You worked hard to overcome and bring a positive light to a negative situation, so stroke yourself a little. Buy a new suit or CD player, something that will mark the occasion as a triumph.

All these situations you have within you, must be cleared before the "pure" psychic and/or channel can emerge. When we step into the Pituitary chakra to work on these "gifts" we're opening up Pandora's box and the lessons we maintain in our Akashic Records. But most of the time we're way to hard on ourselves. We perceive negative energies from situations that with a little understanding and unconditional love, we can learn to accept, release and move on from.

Getting Started
As you work on the issues in your life that hold you back from the enlightened path, you can begin developing your gifts. But understand, the gift will not form to it's full potential while issues exist that can cloud your judgment and hold you back.
So, where is the best place to start? That's easy. Meditation. Meditation helps the physical conscious mind connect with the higher or divine consciousness we all have inside ourselves. Through practice and dedication, this `bridging' between our physical and divine selves, opens the doors to a new spiritual knowledge that has always existed, but that we may not have been able to `tap' into.
People who meditate on a regular basis report feeling the `need' to improve their attitudes or outlook on life. This could be one of the positive results of bridging the conscious and sub-conscious spiritual minds together. All of which is important for maintaining a positive energy flow for psychic development. The more positive the attitude, the easier it is to make a connection to the positive forces around you.
There are numerous forms of meditation-Yoga, Ti-Chi, Mantras, Gazing and Freeform are the most common. No one way is better than another. What works for one person may not work for another. So it's best for a person to choose the type of meditation that feels the most comfortable for them. Then practice, practice, practice.
There are dozens of books on the market that describe how to meditate. Or if you'd like, take a look at our method of Meditation. The important part to any meditation though, is learning how set the energy within, how to protect yourself and align your energies with the higher forces on ethereal planes.
Get a notebook and keep track of your experiences, your outlook and so on. The first thing you should record in your book is:
  • Page 1, define what spirituality is (from your perspective) and what it means to you. Remember that taping into psychic energies is above all else a spiritual experience. How can you achieve the best connection for you, if you're not real sure what
  • Page 2, define "why" you want to develop your psychic abilities.
  • Page 3, write down the events, feelings etc. of your meditations during the week.

Doing these exercises should give you some insight into yourself. A lot of people have 'thought' about their spirituality, but I guarantee, when you start writing it down, you'll write things you never 'thought' about. The "why" will help you identify the blocks that might stand in your way, so be honest with yourself in both these cases. That's the most important part, don't hold back and write what you truly feel. The last exercise, gives you an example of where you are now and makes a record for comparison later.

Finding your special Gift
Hopefully you did part one, because you're going to take what you learned about yourself and use that information to help you find your special talent. So go back to your notebook and re-read your reason for wanting to be a psychic. Look at the sentences you wrote, from a third person point of view. Are there any "hidden" messages in what you put down on paper? Did you say something like: "I want to be able to channel energy in order to help people overcome the blocks in their lives". If you try and look behind the words you might see the message of a "Psychic Healer", or a "Healing Channel".
Now if you can't find a message in your writing, turn to your meditations. Try and go within yourself and ask your guides for help. Ask your higher conscious mind to show you or tell you about your gifts, how you can begin developing them and how you can over come any blocks that might stand in your way. Make sure you write down what you experience in that meditation. It may not be clear today, but next might see the same words in a different light and have the answer you seek.
Developing your talents.
Once you have an idea of what your special gift is, like the student of the piano, you need to begin your lessons at the basics. Start by learning to read the music, where your fingers go on the keyboard, the tempo changes and most importantly ~ practice, practice, practice.
If you believe your gift is as a visionary: then I'd suggest you start developing your talent through the use of a tool, such as Tarot, runes, pendulum, Iching, etc. The tool will help you strengthen your talent, develop your ability and most importantly your confidence in yourself. The tool is just that, a tool. It is a mechanism to make a connection to higher divine sources, to help you feel and interpret energies. As you grow and practice, the tools will be needed less and less. Until finally, the tools will almost be your way and can be put aside.
If you believe your gift is as a healer: then I'd suggest you find a formal (or several) training classes that have interest to you. There are many "hands on" type healing methods, Reiki, Rolfing, and accupressure are just some examples. These classes help you understand how energy relates to the body, how to use divine energy to manifest healing and most importantly what causes illness within the body and how to help a patient overcome those obstacles.
If you have an interest in herbology, sound therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy and so on, the same suggestions apply. Find someone in your area that teaches a class in the subject of interest.
Reading books and practicing lessons from a manual is a good way to learn. But the experience of an individual (a teacher) is very difficult to put down on paper. That's why the interaction between teacher and student, or even students with students is so important. That's the real benefit of attending classes. You can read all the books in the world and gain a lot of knowledge. But it's only through the execution of what you learn and the experiences you go through that creates 'wisdom'.
Bottom line, the piano player doesn't become a composer over night. It takes classes, training, work, practice and teacher willing to answer questions and show examples. It takes effort and a willingness to listen. It also takes years! Years of practice and understanding each experience as it happens.
But, be ready for some hard karmic lessons if this is the path you wish to take. The Great Spirits WILL mold you into a divine messenger through lessons of unconditional love, humility, greed and ego. They are not the only lessons, and they are not the easy ones to transgress through. But they are necessary for an individual who wishes to be a spiritual psychic.
Be careful what you ask for, you will get it!

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Created: 10/04/1996       Updated: 11/10/2008