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Spiritual Sanctuary Guide Meditation

A Spiritual Sanctuary
A spiritual sanctuary is your place in the ethers (the divine realm) where you can go to perform your spiritual work. It is a structure of any kind where you are protected, safe, free to explore your own awareness without concern or judgment. It is the door way or some call it the library of your akashic records (the files of your past lives). It contains your past life memories, lessons, issues and personal objects that meant something to you in those life times.
The biggest part to any guided meditation is to not go into them with any preconceived idea of what you will find. The structure of your sanctuary will tell you a lot about yourself. About how your past incarnations are affecting you in this lifetime. The structure size, description and feel will be a representation of who you are now, and how you are connected to your spiritual past.
Why find your space?
Your sanctuary is a a great source of strength, comfort, support and gathering information for your current embodiment. Going to your sanctuary to review problems, find answers, look for your spiritual purpose in this lifetime, what karma you have brought into this embodiment, or just to work in the ethers are all simple examples of what you can do in your sanctuary. But you have to find it first.
Sanctuary Guided Meditation
Since this is a special meditation, you may want to prepare your meditation space in a special way. Add a few ritualistic events, such as lighting a white candle and saying a prayer stating your intent for this meditative session. Some people like to decorate their meditative space with a spiritual symbol, a Celtic cross, Ankh, pentacle, or other symbols to add to the spiritual significance of this meditation.
Find a piece of music you really like for meditation and stick with it. If you use the same piece each time you meditate, you will pre-program your mind to step into a state of relaxation. Each time you practice, your mind will move into this state with less effort and more quickly, allowing you more time for greater meditative work. My personal favorite piece is called Ascension to All That Is by Robert Slap. You can find it on
Once you are all set and prepared, this is what you do. Take your time, try to imagine as much detail as possible.
  1. Sit in a comfortable position, one that you can sustain for about 30-45 minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and take in a deep cleansing breath. Fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. Then release the breath through your mouth and push all the air out of your body. Take in 3 deep breaths through the nose, imagine the white light from the universe coming into your lungs and collecting at your solar plexus.
  3. With all 3 exhales, image all the stress, anxiety and negativity you have leaving your body carried out to the universe on a gay smoke where it can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone. As you exhale, imagine the events of the day or week floating out of your body. Put these worries aside and begin to relax your entire body and mind. Feel the tension in your muscles begin to subside. Begin at your solar plexus and imagine the white light moving up and down your body from this point. Imagine the warmth of the energy as it passes through your muscles and organs. Feel the tingling sensations as the light moves down to your toes and up your body to the top of your head. Imagine your entire body engulfed by this white divine light, from the inside out.
  4. Say a prayer once more asking your guides and teachers to come to you and to help with the purpose of this mediation. State your intention clearly and ask the GreatSpirits (your God/Goddess) to help you with your meditative journey. Don't forget to thank them up front for their efforts.
  5. This step takes a little practice, don't worry if you can't do this for any extended period of time, but at least give it a try. Keep your eyes closed, but look up at the pituitary gland. This is a small gland located in the middle of your forehead, just above the brow. (this is also considered to be the position of your third eye and is therefore the gateway to higher conscious realms). Try to keep your eyes focused on this point. The muscles around your eyes may become sore as you stretch them upward, so don't over do this at first. As you practice, this step will become easier and easier to do.
  6. As you focus on your third eye imagine your at the base of a tunnel, dimly light and slanted upward. Imagine your astral body (or your soul) standing up from your physical body and begin to walk toward and into the tunnel. See the lights on the walls and the texture of the floor as you walk through the tunnel. Imagine yourself moving upward.
  7. Just a head of you, about 100 yards, you see a set of glass doors and through those doors you can see a brilliant white light. You feel in your heart that this is the light of the universal consciousness, of the Divine. A feeling of Peace, calm, protection and knowledge fills your insides. With each step closer, you feel more relaxed and at peace, you feel uplifted and connected to this universal energy.
  8. As you approach the doors, they automatically open and invite your soul into this realm of enlightenment. As you pass through you can see an image waiting for you, about 50 yards in front of you. Take note of what the structure image is. Try to notice as much detail as you can and make mental notes of it. What surrounds it, and not just what the structure looks like.
  9. As you get closer to the image, you begin to see their features more clearly. You notice more detail and feel a stronger connection to the structure.
  10. Within a moment, you are in an entry way, what does it look like? Go inside and look around. What do you see. Try to take notice of all things in the sanctuary. Walk to the center and sit down. Relax and be within your space. Look around and take note of any walls, decorations, what are you sitting on, what is around the center space. What is the light source. And so on. Take as much time as you like, touch items if you want. They're yours. Ask your guides, or the GreatSpirits what this object means to you. Where is it from and so on. Try not to do too much that you over whelm your first visit. You want to remember as much as you can about your space for your first visit. You'll be able to come back as many times as you like to examine everything in your structure.
  11. When you have concluded your visit, make sure you thank your guides and or God(s) for their help.
  12. Imagine yourself approaching your sanctuary entry way, sitting on a pedestal by the door is a small object. Pick it up and examine it. Make note of what it is, place it in your pocket and then leave.
  13. Pass through the glass doors and heading back down to your meditative space. Imagine your soul walking through the door to your room, and seeing your physical body right where you left it. As your soul steps back inside your spiritual body, all the visions sensations and answers you received merge with your physical brain and are automatically stored into your conscious mind.
  14. Take in a deep breath, begin to feel your body, become more and more aware of your surroundings, have a nice long and hard stretch, then open your eyes.
Record Your Experience
The last thing you should do before you get up from your meditative spot is to record this event either on tape or in a journal. It's important to do it right away while the images, feelings and sounds are still clear in your mind. Record as much detail as you remember. Don't try to decipher images or figure out significant connections until you're done. Make note of what you saw, then go back and think about why it was there for you.
When you've recorded the detail, think about the structure. What it was and how does it represent you. I'm trying to be careful not to give specific examples here, because it's important for you to go into this with a completely open mind. No preconceived notions. And Don't second guess what you see. Just accept it and go with the flow. Over time, your sanctuary can change it's structure. You grow and change, your sanctuary can be reconstructed to reflect your change as well.
The last thing you want to record is the description of the object by the door. This was your gift to you for your visit. And will tell you something about your experience in the sanctuary for this particular journey. It's a nice way to give yourself a message each time you enter the structure. So you might want to d this every time you leave.
Good luck, and don't worry if you can't accomplish this the first time. Don't be hard on yourself. Just keep practicing.

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Created: 10.27.1996         Updated: 01.17.2009