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Divination & Spirit Communication

How Do Spirits Connect To You For Communication
This article assumes a person who is attempting the divination knows how to clear and shield. Anyone who doesn't know how to do that is inviting any type of entity into their divination session.
Recently I have been asked about how spirits connect with a psychic or channel for purposes of communication. Not just for divination, but also for guidance and attaining insight into ones spiritual path and enlightenment.
Let me see if I can give some "technical" explanation about spirit communication.
First think about your consciousness levels. You have four levels of Consciousness.
1. The physical being - the physical mind
2. The soul being - the soul mind
3. The spiritual being - the spirit mind
4. The Divine Consciousness - the Divine mind
You can read more about The Conscious Minds for additional information.
When you're connecting to spirit for divination, you are raising your energy vibration within these levels of the mind. In order to reach the spiritual information you 'want' to connect to, you must at least access your spirit mind.
Think of it this way - the lowest level of the mind vibrates at the lowest frequency and speed. When you raise your energy for spiritual communication you are speeding up the frequency to get closer to the Divine Consciousness. Spirits who are trying to communicate with you can alter their energy to speak with you on the top two levels. So in essence, they can slow down their vibration to connect to your raised vibration.
Earth bound entities, or ghosts, are vibrating somewhere between levels 1 and 2. They're not alive in a physical realm, but they haven't let go and transitioned to the spiritual realm either. So they are in essence stuck between worlds. They have the ego and desires of a physical being, who has the ability to be move unseen, through walls and to be manipulative if they so desire.
Have you ever seen the movie Ghost with Patrick Swazye. This is a good example. Sam is killed, but doesn't transition into the spirit world. He is stuck here on the physical plane because his soul cannot be at peace while his murderer is on the loose. In his ghostly state, he is able to manipulate physical items, such as picking up a penny and moving it up a door. Or push the bad guy Willie across the room. But at the same time, he is not connected to the Divine Realm, so he can't see what the world really is without boundaries. All he can see is what he has experienced in this life in physical form and in his ghostly form. So he has to go about doing his own mystery investigation to find out who and why he was killed. This is a good example of how a ghost is stuck with a limited view and limited knowledge.
On the other hand, a Spirit does not have these limiting boundaries. They can see and understand all knowledge from the past and the future. They can see all energy that has been created in the past, what is created now, and what will be created in the future. Keep in mind that Time has no limits on the Divine Realm in the same way it does here in the physical world. This allows spiritual beings to see beyond the physical confines and understand why things have occurred in the physical world and what the probable outcome will be.
What higher spirits try to do is connect with us and communicate in ways we can associate with. Such as dreams and divination tools. By using a tool, such as the Tarot; we are letting them know or giving them permission to aid our spiritual vision as a means of learning or gaining knowledge and insight about something that is impacting our spiritual plan or physical life.
Spiritual Communication For Divination
A spirit or ghost can influence any divination tool. But, it's a lot harder for an earth bound ghost to influence a tool that requires only energy or a direct connection to spirit, such as a pendulum, the Tarot, through meditation or spiritual channeling.
One common question I often receive is: Can an earth bound entity still influence the pendulum?
In theory, no. Because to move the pendulum, the speed and frequency of the energy to swing the object is greater than that of an Ouija pointer. But there is still a proper method in using the pendulum.
The best divination tools are those that require only spiritual communication. Those would be an object for scrying, a crystal ball, sticks & bones, tea leaves, tarot cards and other such tools that rely on symbolic or third eye sight. Any tool or object that is not manipulated or moved to provided communication.
These tools require you to raise your energy to your psychic senses which reside at the highest level of the individual mind. The Spiritual Consciousness is where your consciousness is connected to the Divine Consciousness and it is from this level that the best communication for divination can occur. This is why the ultimate method for spiritual communication is through meditation where you can control your connection on the spiritual realm. Something that might be hard for some to do through lucid dreaming.
Let's take a crude example. Let's say you have a lamp that runs on 2 D batteries.
With no batteries, the lamp isn't going to work and allow you to see. - Let's call this the physical mind.

If you try to use 4 AA batteries, you still don't have enough juice to power the lamp. But you might be an electrical wiz and figure out a way to get what you can out of the AA batteries. Allowing the lamp to turn on ever so dimly and only for a few seconds. - Let's call this the soul mind.

If you try to use 4 C batteries, you have the same problem, but you will have a much brighter light and it might last for a few minutes. - Let's call this the spirit mind.

When you place 2 D batteries into your lamp, you can see everything. All that is around you, all that has been and all that will be. This is the "power" of the Divine Consciousness connection.
The Spirits know we are handicapped so to speak while in physical form. So they do everything they can to help us achieve our goals and desires; when it's for our spiritual good. There's also that phrase "be careful what you ask for, you might get it". Yep, because sometimes our desires aren't good for us physically; but we will always learn valuable lessons from them, good, bad or indifferent.
Our Spirit Guides know this. So while we're learning to set shields, raise our vibrational energies for communications and develop our psychic senses, they will help us along. In some ways to give us encouragement to continue, and in others to give us confidence so we will trust our instincts and believe in ourselves. They'll do this by allowing us to use the C batteries while we're practicing divination; but they'll be adding to the "juice" so to speak to make up the difference. Little by little, we need less and less of their help. But that only comes with practice, learning, experience, knowledge and wisdom. Regardless of the tool - pendulum, tarot, scrying or something else; it doesn't matter.

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Created: 03.24.2010      Updated: 03.24.2010


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