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The Lower Angel Forces

An Overview
Now here we have a split in concepts and beliefs from non-pagan religions and Pagan Metaphysics. Within Pagan Metaphysics there is no concept of the Christianized version of a Devil. There is also a controlled structure designed to maintain balance within the Divine Universe.
From a Metaphysical perspective, there is a distinct hierarchy to the Divine Universe. One reason for this is to provide for the evolution of spirit. Another is to define a specific level of balance throughout the Divine Universe. And a final reason is to protect the free will and choice of the lower realms to provide opportunities to learn, repay karmic debt or receive karmic credit in order to evolve the spirit toward spiritual enlightenment.
Lower Angelic Forces
These 9 groups are often some of the most controversial because their existence depends on your personal beliefs. The lower forces include Fallen Angels, Demons, Devils and Satan. Just by their categorization as "lower" does not imply that these angels are evil or less powerful than the "higher" forces, although that is sometimes the case. Rather, they are lumped into this category because their existence is not as universal across the major religions.
These lower forces are "fallen" angels in the service of Satan. If you are one of the many people who don't believe that "Satan" exists, then you might look at this group as angels doing service in the negative ethers. They inhabit Hel, Hell, or the lower energy realms. They assist with the punishment of condemned souls, or play havoc with unsuspecting incarnated souls. Many believe that "soul possession" by these Demon spirits continue even today, but are often misdiagnosed as mental illness. While others believe these controlling Demons are more like the overseers or guards that govern the lower realms. Because of their presence, souls condemned to these realms are restricted from interfering or interacting with the living.
From a Metaphysical perspective "soul possession" does not occur at all. The Lower Angelic Forces exist to maintain control and access between the ethereal world and the physical world. This is done primarily to protect the free will and choice of incarnated souls and higher spiritual realms from chaos.
Think of it this way; These Demon Guardians keep 'condemned' souls from torturing incarnated souls and manipulating their free will and choice to evolve their spirit. An example might be a gate keeper keeping a rapist from continuing to torturing his victims after he has transitioned to the spirit world.
Devils can appear in many physical forms, from animal to human. They are typically gifted with shape shifting abilities. Most of their efforts are spent on tempting the enlightened spirits of the earth plane with explicit pleasures of love, money and physical gratification. Their mission is to destroy feelings of compassion and love through planting doubt and by promoting anger. These lower forces are more powerful than the Fallen Angels.
From a Metaphysical perspective Devils and Demons are basically the same thing. They guard the gates of the lower realms and serve a necessary duty of control within the structured Universe.
Fairies & Elves
Supernatural beings who inhabit the earth and air. They are typically invisible, unless they need to interact with incarnated beings, or if the incarnated being has the gift of Divine site. These beings are most often positive and enlightened, rewarding incarnated beings, both animal and human, for goodness. Most of these spirits are assigned to protecting the nature kingdoms. The Fairy side of this group tends to play pranks, although good natured.
From a Metaphysical perspective, the Elven side of this realm is mythological. But they are defined as a bit more serious than the Fairies concerning their assigned duties and interactions with humans.
Both species have magikal powers and love humans.
Fallen Angels
In the Christian belief, these are the Angels who followed Satan out of heaven and rebelled against God. Some scholars calculated the number of Fallen Angels at 133 million which is about 1/3 the Angel population. The chief leaders were: Semyaz, Sariel, Azazel, and Turel. Some see falling stars as angels falling from the Divine realm.
From a Metaphysical perspective , these Angels fell from divine grace when they interfered with the progression and evolution of human kind. Their penance was to live as a human and dwell in the trials and tribulations they helped to create.
Rarely heard of, these beings were originally considered to be guardians of the home and hearth, but their responsibility has grown to include all humans. They enjoy the interaction of humans with humans, especially during situations of true unconditional love, either physical or through intense mental connections. Often the more happy and balanced a person is, the strong their Genii is. It is believed that every person currently incarnated will be assigned to a Genii for protection , guiding and in some issues teaching.
From a Metaphysical perspective Genii are Fairies and watch over the natural world and those in it. Primarily focusing on animals, plants and so on. But also interacting with incarnated humans.
A non-Pagan group. The Watchers sent to earth by God to instruct humans. They are eternally silent and use mental telepathy to communicate with incarnated beings. They are thought of as very large beings, taller than giants in appearance. The more popular of this group are
  • Aramaros, who taught common sense
  • Arakiel, they taught observance of nature
  • Azazel who share knowledge of crafts art and cosmetics.
  • Baraqual, who taught astrology
  • Ezekiel, who shared knowledge of weather and weather events
  • Gadreel, who taught about the sciences
  • Penemue, who shared skills of writing
  • Sariel, who brought the knowledge of the moon signs
  • Semjaza, taught about the sun signs.
A "hot" blooded female who first slept with humans and crossed the "forbidden" line of Divine intervention. She refused to bed with Adam and as a fallen angel turned to the power of Satan. She is depicted as a beautiful naked woman with the tail of a serpent. She despises children, but as part of her punishment for defiance, she was forced to bear Satan 100 children a day.
From a Metaphysical perspective Lilith isn't an individual but a concept representing the matriarchal societies of early human kind. These early women were the leaders of tribes, seen as physical embodiments of the Goddess here on Earth and guided every day lives of her people.
Satan is rather misunderstood in part because of the varying views of Satan, Lucifer and the Christian Devil. Satan is the Hebrew translation of the Egyptian God Set, making Satan a God. But there is academic disagreement about this connection between the Hebrew Satan and the Egyptian Set. Many people turn to the LeVey Satanists and take their cue from their definition of Satan as a God. At the same time, Satan is also confused with Lucifer, the Light Bringer. And then there's the Christian view that Satan is the adversary of God and the accuser of Mankind.
It is unclear when Lucifer, Satan and The Devil folded into the single character of the Devil, ruler of the Underworld. Depending on your perspective, Satan is a God and Archangel, Lucifer is an Archangel, and the Devil is a combination of many pagan variations of the God force in the form of the Celtic Green Man the lord of vegetation and the woodlands, the Celtic Horned God or Cernunnos, Pan the Greek god of the woodlands, Janus the Roman god of good beings, Osiris, the Egyptian Lord of the underworld and many other versions of a pagan God with horns, or a half body of human, goat or stag.
The Devil in Christian lore, was once the ruler or head of Seraphim. He rebelled against God and was tossed out of heaven, becoming the ruler of Hades or Hell. As the enemy of goodness, the Devil rules over the evil spirits to cause havoc and chaos for the human race. Floods, storms, diseases and death are said to be created by these forces. Temptations of sinful ways and other evil desires are also associated with the influences of these forces. The Devil has many names, some of which are misconceptions, but include:
  • Beelzebub
  • Deliar,
  • Duma
  • Mastema
  • Gadreel
  • Sammael
  • Satan
Another non-Pagan being. A supreme feminine spirit, she is said to be the female aspect of creation. She is credited with being the angel of healing over evil influences and is sometimes referred to as the "Holy Spirit" in some religions. In others she is referred to as "The Fore running Angel".
Her appearance:
  • Sitting on a thrown above a cherub, she rests under the Tree of Life. Her light is 65,000 times brighter than the sun and everyone who sees here is instantly cured from disease.
  • She has the ability to turn any evil spirit to good by her mere presence and sight. Therefore Satan and his armies go to extremes to avoid her at all costs.

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