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Angel Groups

The Angelic Groupings:
From a Metaphysical perspective there might be some differences in characteristics and communications between each Angelic Group, but for the most part Pagan Metaphysics holds a similar definition of these angels as is held by non-Pagan religions.
In addition to the Angelic Hierarchy, there are also 9 groupings of the Angels which govern and provide guidance on the universal aspects of life to incarnated souls. These aspects are:
Angels of the Apocalypse
The Apocalypse as defined in the biblical sense reveals the events of the End of the World.
Many metaphysicians believe this "end of the world" prophecy is actually the point in time when the "Christ consciousness" arises in all human beings. Putting to rest any need for fundamental religious beliefs like Christianity or Judaism and so on. The Angels associated with the Apocalypse Group are:
  • Raphael - The archangel and guardian of the Tree of Life
  • Michael - The archangel of mercy and repentance
  • Gabriel - The archangel of vengeance
  • Orifiel - The angel of chaos
  • Anael - A fallen angel
  • Samael - The Angel of Death, and of Demons, both good and evil
  • Zacharael - The archangel and guardian of order
Angels of Death
This group governs the journey of human spirits into eternity, for better or worse. They appear in many belief systems and are often shown with a sword and eyes of fire.
From a Metaphysical perspective these are the Angels that watch over the transitions of life to death and death to life.
  • The Angels who govern the Death journey are:
  • Azrael - An Arabic Angel
  • Mot - A Babylonian Angel
  • Adriael - A Rabbinic angel
  • Hemath - A Rabbinic angel
  • Suriel - An angel of Falasha folklore
  • Michael - A Christian angel
  • Mairya - A Zoroastrian angel There is also:
  • Kafziel
  • Meshabber
  • Kezef
  • Hemah
  • Malach
  • Apollyon
  • Leviathan
Angels of Destruction
These are the Angels of punishment and vengeance. They are often called the Angels of the "Sword of God" delivering Divine punishment in the form of wrath and sometimes even death. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 of these Angels all in the service of devils. They often make themselves known in physical form as tricksters, false prophets and "unholy" spiritual leaders. They are very frequently in the area when a terrible disaster or event occurs.
From a Metaphysical perspective these are fallen angels that have been sentenced to a physical existence for interfering with incarnated souls. Even though they have been 'condemned', like all incarnated beings they have free will and choice to redeem their karmic debt. This group of fallen angels have chosen to continue their interference and pile up their negative karma.
  • A few of the better known angels in this group are:
  • Kemeuel
  • Af
  • Uriel
  • Azriel
  • Simkiel
Angels of Peace & Truth
Many religious foundations recant a time when the Universe was created by God. The lineage of the planets, stars, human kind and all the inhabitants of the world. According to some legends there were 2 angels opposed to the idea of human beings, feeling this concept would have a negative affect on the universe in both peace and truth. But God punished these 2 angels for their opposition and burnt them.
  • The name for the Angel of Peace has been long since forgotten or unknown
  • However the Angel of Truth was known as Amitiel.
  • When these 2 angels were destroyed, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel stepped forward to take their places.
  • Another Angel of Truth in some early belief systems was known as Amanacus
Angels of Mercy
A human who broke the Divine Law of God would often find them self before an Angel of Mercy. Their job was simply to dispense compensation to a few worthy humans. These angels understood the plight of humankind and often tried to guide the mis-guided back on the path of Divine order.
From a Metaphysical perspective these are the Angels who assist spiritual healers tap into Divine Healing energy and channel it for their purpose. This is done to protect the healing channel from being overwhelmed by the strength of this Divine Energy.
  • The Angels of Mercy are often seen as:
  • Rhaimel - St. Francis of Assisi's angelic name
  • Michael - The Archangel who rescues human souls from damnation
  • Gabriel - The Archangel often seen with an olive branch of peace between the divine and the human kind
  • Zehanpuyu - Known as the Messenger of Mercy
  • Zadkiel - Who saved Abraham from killing his son. Zadkiel is know as the Angel of Mercy and Memory.
Angels of Fire / Angels of Energy
As with most natural elements, Fire contains several aspects of burning, being burned and so on. In believing the Universe was created from the breath and fire of God, this element is singled out amongst the rest.
From a Metaphysical perspective this group is misnamed and should be known as the Angels of Energy. Much like the Angels of Mercy they assist incarnated souls tap into the Divine energy of nature, but include all the elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
  • These Angels represent all these aspects of Divine Energy:
  • Areal - The angel of the Magical Energy (Air)
  • Atuniel - The angel of Healing Energy (Water)
  • Nathanael - The "Lord of Fire" he either destroys with fire or protects souls from the fire.
  • Ardamel - The angel of the Demon Energy (Earth)
  • Gabriel - The Archangel who brings Divine Energy to humans
  • Uriel - The angel who guards the gates of paradise with a sword of flames, also know as the "Flame of God"
  • Seraph - The angel who guards the element of Fire
Angels of Hell
Whether you believe Hell is a place of final and eternal damnation, or a place that is self created here on earth, the elements of Hell are the same. Hell is divided into 7 chapters and 7 cabins (also referred to as lodges). Each of these is governed by an Angel of Hell. There are over 800,000 demons associated with the chapters and cabins.
  • A few of the more well known are:
  • Kushiel - The angel of stubborn rigidness, who governs with a whip of fire.
  • Lahatiel - Guards the "Gates of Hell" and is often known as the "Flaming One".
  • Dumah - The Angel of Silence, who represents the vindication of Hells deathly stillness
  • Shaftiel - The Angel of Shadows
  • Chutriel - The Angel of Pain and Remorse
  • MacCathiel - The Angel of Eternal Damnation, also known as the "Unforgiving One"
  • Pasiel - The Angel of Magic and Transformation
Guardian Angels
For everyone on Earth, or in an incarnated state anywhere in the Universe, there is a Guardian Angel watching over their day, lives and spiritual path. This angel protects you from harm when an event occurs that isn't associated with karma or a spiritual lesson. But some believe that even then, the Guardian Angel can interceded and lesson the blow.
  • One of the more well known Guardian Angels:
  • Raphael - the Archangel who guards the Earth and Heals the ailments of Human kind. Once in disguise, Raphael helped Tobias defeat a demon and allowed him to marry Sarah.
Angels of the Zodiac
For every aspect or cycle of time, there is an angel guarding and directing spiritual lessons, or karmic events. These angels are primarily associated with a particular time on the Astrological calendar, but as time and "human progress" have grown, these angels are now also associated with the calendar months.
  • Aries: MacHidiel - March
  • Taurus: Asmodel - April
  • Gemini: Ambriel - May
  • Cancer: Muriel - June
  • Leo: Verchiel - July
  • Virgo: Hamaliel - August
  • Libra: Uriel - September
  • Scorpio: Barbiel - October
  • Sagittarius: Adnachiel - November
  • Capricorn: Hanael - December
  • Aquarius: Gabriel - January
  • Pisces: Barchiel - February

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