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A Master's View Of Reiki

Reiki Master - A Perspective
Before I can begin the postings on this section of Reiki, I need to make a clarification if only for myself and peace of mind.
It took a long time for me to decide how to make these postings in a method that would give out useful information to seekers, yet maintain the respect and essence of the Reiki traditions. Those traditions state that much of the knowledge given in Reiki II and Reiki III are to be treated with great reverence and in secret. Not to be shared with anyone outside the Reiki II or Reiki III levels.
I've pondered this controversy for many years. I myself am a traditionally trained and traditionally certified Master. In my loyalty to the Reiki tradition, I have not shared this information with anyone outside "the ranks" before creating this section of PagansPath. However, since I became a Reiki Master, many new masters have begun to break the ranks and have published their training knowledge in various books and on the web. No longer is it secret and reserved to the traditionalists.
Reiki II training consists of symbols and meanings that aid in the delivery of Reiki to a needed party. However, these symbols and meanings have long been treated as secret knowledge, only to be shared with students trained in the traditional manner. But the concepts, knowledge, symbols, their names and even their uses are not new, nor are they uniformed from certified Master to certified Master. So many of the new published works are different from one another, because the authors were trained by different Masters who received their training from different Takata Masters, who were taught different symbols by Takata herself.
Each Master taught by Takata was given their own set of symbolic movements. All similar but definitely different. Each meaning and use of those symbols were also different, perhaps created for the specific teacher, a set of energy that would be best utilized by that person. No one knows the real reasons behind these differences, but there's no denying that they exist.
But for what reason has this information been kept secret? Actually a better question might be, how did it get put into this secret society in the first place?
After doing a great deal of research, I've come to my own conclusions. Not just about the secrecy of Reiki, but much of the spiritual knowledge maintained by Druids, Wiccans, some Native American Tribes and so on. Here is a brief explanation of what I found and what I have concluded.

It doesn't matter how far back into history you go, somewhere you're going to find a time when the beliefs you hold dear to spirit were considered to be evil, not the norm, or heresy. During this time, many religious sects went underground and created secret societies. That is definitely the case of the Druids and neo-Pagans, but it even fits for the beginning ages of Christianity and yes, even healing methods such as Reiki.

During those times, it really makes some sense why these secret societies were formed. To be labeled and convicted as a witch might mean being beheaded, hung, burnt on the stake or death by some other such painful tortures.

Well, this isn't the 13th century any longer and here in America at least, we don't behead people for being Druid or Pagan. So is it still necessary to keep these wonderful spiritual concepts secret? Do we really need to undermine, attack or degrade those individuals who wish to "go out on a limb" and speak freely about their beliefs? (Getting off my soap box) Back to Reiki -

As mentioned this "secret" information has already been published in several books in and outside of the United States, by self proclaimed Masters and by some legit Masters as well. I've read several of these texts and interestingly enough, I found the same respect and the same perception of reverence and divine usage of those concepts were represented and remained in tact. The honor to Reiki has not been lost, just because the information is no longer secret.
Recently I spoke with a close friend of mine, who I considered to be one of the most spiritual people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. We both are Reiki Masters, taught in the Usui method and through the traditional methods, fees and attunements. So we approached our look into the controversy with somewhat of a biased view. We discussed the meaning of healing and how it related to the method of Reiki. We discussed the concepts of secrecy and why it came about. What's more, we discussed why we thought it continued today. We discussed the "fad" of the NewAge movement and the dark side of that fad, the arrogance, ego and greed.
The clincher for us both was when we each were looking for some information in our Master's handbooks. Although we achieved our master levels from different lines of the Usui system, mine from Beth Gray and hers from Fran Brown, our master's handbooks were almost identical. At practically the same moment we both found a scribbling in the margin that we both assumed was taken during our Master's class. The note was different, but the meaning seemed to be the same.
"Trust in your heart, and recognize this information as knowledge you already hold within your being."


Then we recited the Reiki Principals together and suddenly our perception seemed clearer. The information contained in these postings are not new. They are not secret and should be shared as a means of understanding concepts of others, beliefs of others and in learning respect for others.
What goes hand in hand with this are the current Reiki Controversies. Some I question and some I agree with. But you may wish to review these before continuing.
I still believe in the traditional teachings of Reiki and the concepts of formally learning a healing method by a certified master. But I also believe that the information contained on this site are not new, nor should they be segregated to just one group of individuals. We all know this, it's just that some people don't realize they know it.
If the information contained in this section on Reiki in any way offends a certified Reiki Channel or Master; than I humbly apologize. My intention does not come from ego, arrogance or greed. Rather it is from a great respect and a desire to share in spiritual understanding for all to learn.
The only part of Reiki training you will not find here is the Level 3, Reiki Master training. In part because I believe it's easy for anyone to hang out a shingle and claim to be an expert at something. I don't want to give these people an easier method to defraud people.

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Created: 03/28/1999       Updated: 03/10/2008


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