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Level III Reiki

Reiki III The Masters Level
The only part of Reiki training you will not find here is the Level 3, Reiki Master training. In part because I believe it's easy for anyone to hang out a shingle and claim to be an expert at something. I don't want to give these people an easier method to defraud people.
Also I think there is some value to learning Reiki in the traditional sense. To experience the education process in the Reiki classes, to learn about the energy and the interaction with others. But I also think that gaining the knowledge isn't enough. There is something to the The Reiki Attunements in my opinion and I do think they are worthwhile and even necessary.
In addition to that there is also something to be said for adhering to the traditional requirements of attending a class, getting the attunement and then being required to practice the art before taking the next class. Typically there is a 6 month period between Reiki I and II. And a 1 year practice period between Reiki II and III. Some Masters require more time and experience before taking the level III class and receiving the attunement.
To me it's a matter of earning the title, not just buying it or claiming it. If I were a novice and wanted to receive a Reiki Healing, I would want the person I contact to be someone who took the time and held the respect for the art through formal education. Not someone who read an article on a website and simply claimed the title. By the same token, if I were a novice and wanted to learn Reiki, I would look for someone who had earned the knowledge and attained the experience to become a Reiki Master. Especially if I'm going to be paying several hundred dollars to attend one of their classes.
Taking these things into consideration, I decided not to post an article on the details of the Master level here on Pagan's Path.

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Created: 03/28/1999       Updated: 03/10/2008


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