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Reiki Level 1 Training

Learning the Reiki Level 1
In Reiki I, you learn the basics of Reiki, the hand positions and how mind/body/spirit effects the body. You will learn how to recognize the causes and predict the effects they will have on the body. Reiki concentrates on the spiritual lessons, pulling them up to the surface to be dealt with. The energy from the Divine will help the person identify, address and even modify their pattern, which will also aid in removing the cause of the illness. Reiki will also enhance the effectiveness of traditional medical practices to heal the areas affected. You learn how to scan a body for illness, how to give a Reiki treatment on yourself or on others and the ideals behind Reiki.
Learning the Reiki Methods ~ Hand Patterns
Level 1 Usui Reiki is transferred from Divine energy into a person, or any living subject. This is called channeling energy. The healing power does not come from the individual Reiki practioner, but rather from the God source (what ever your "word" for God is). The Reiki channel, as they are often called, simply directs this energy into their subject. This is accomplished through using three different patterns or sections of the physical body with specific hand positions. The Usui Reiki level 1 patterns are:
  1. The first pattern covers the front of the torso.
  2. The second pattern is applied to the head and neck.
  3. The third pattern covers the back.
Each pattern contains a various number of hand positions across a particular area of the body. It is important to follow these patterns and positions in the order they are given, unless this is an emergency situation. In which case the area of the body that requires immediate attention can be treated first. But during an average healing session, deviation from the pattern could reduce the effectiveness of the energy transfer.
Moving from one position to another should be done very gently so as not to disturb the recipient. Once the first hand is placed on the body, contact should not be broken. This can be accomplished by moving your hands one at a time, so that the practioner is always in contact with the recipient. The Reiki channel moves from one position to another, by slowly raising one hand, and place it gently in the next position. Next, the second hand is moved and placed alongside the first hand in the appropriate spot. This way the energy is always flowing to the recipient.
To move from one pattern to another, the practitioner should constantly maintain contact with the recipient For instance, moving from the bottom of pattern 1 (which is at the top of the legs) to the first position in pattern 2 (which is over the eyes), the practitioner can simply use their hands to "walk" across the recipient's body and move to the top of the head (i.e.: place the right hand on the stomach, as you move, place the left hand on the stomach then move the right hand to the shoulder, and so on).
When you have completed a session, gently raise your hands from the body, or slowly brush your hands outward and across the recipient's body. If you take your hands away quickly, you may notice the client jump because the energy was broken to quickly. Take care and be courteous.
Moving from one Pattern to the Next
When do you move from one position to the next? Use a clock until you can tell by your hands when you should move. Each position should take about 5-10 minutes. However, if there are problem areas, spend more time in that area. This is why it's important to pay attention to your hands. Most people describe feelings of heat as they're working in one area. When the hands feel as if they're cooling off, the practitioner knows to move to the next position.
Finding Problem Areas
How do you know where a problem area is? Before you place your hands in the first position, scan the recipient's body. Scanning is done by moving your hand back and forth across the Chakra centers. If a Chakra is strong, you may feel your hand being pushed away from the body. If the Chakra is weak, your hand may feel as if it's being pulled toward that point. Get confirmation from the patient by asking them about their problems, physical and emotional.
Sympathize, but don't empathize! Reiki is a one way flow of energy, you are the conduit to the recipient. However, empathy is the "taking on" of emotions in order to understand an other's position. It's better for a practitioner simply to listen for the "hidden" cause of the recipient's problem. (i.e.: A bruised right rib is a symptom that the person feels as if they have been wounded by a male force, like someone has taken the air out of their sails and they're upset about it. So the body produces a physical symptom that matches that emotional thought pattern.)
People hold emotions and memories in their muscles. Therefore treatments such as massage and Reiki can help release those patterns. Sometimes, deep seeded emotions can be brought to the surface during or after a treatment. Practitioners should be cognoscente of this and should be prepared to deal with any emotions that may arise.
One way to help is to meditate, before and after a session. The mediation or prayer before will help align your energies with the Creator and prepares you to be the conduit. It can also rise your conscious state to higher plains of universally stored information. If a problem arises, you can simply "tap" into that "universal database" for help. By the same token, you need to shut down this energy and return to this plain of existence. Therefore, perform a closing prayer or meditation.
Concentration also helps to focus and increase the treatment. Talking is a distraction to both you and the recipient. Instead, ask them if they'd like a soft towel to lay across their eyes or if they'd like to hear some soft inspirational music. Set the mood for peace and serenity.
Recipient Position
What position is best for the recipient? Lying down is the best position. This enables the recipient to be totally relaxed and better able to receive the energy. However, if they are totally opposed to the idea or if they're physically uncomfortable, have the recipient sit in a chair. Some people with bad backs can not lay on their back for long periods of time. You may want to have a stack of pillows ready to elevate their legs and take some of the stress of f their backs.
Concluding a Session
Once you have gently removed your hands from the recipient, smooth their energy from head to toe. As negative energy is released from the physical body, it can rise and get stuck in the auric field. Smoothing the aura clears this energy and can help seal the Reiki energy inside the body. Cup your hands, keeping your fingers together; start at the head, palms pointing toward the toes (not down toward the body, but sideways toward the toes). Move your hands from head to toe three times, or until you feel comfortable that everything has been cleared away. You may choose to use some form of a tool that can help clear the auric field, such as a small oriental hand fan or a native American feather fan.
Reiki I Hand Positions

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