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The Lineage Of The Masters

Lady Spring's Reiki Lineage
For some in the field of Reiki, lineage is an important thing. You might be able to tell from some of the other postings in this section of the Healing Circle, I'm not one of those people. But I have received many queries about the line of my training and mastership certification. This article is my answer to those questions.
Dr. Usui, according to Reiki legend returned from an enlightening sabbatical in the mountains of Japan. It was during this mountain top fasting and meditation that the form of the Reiki art was revealed to him. When he returned to the city, he eventually opened a school to teach others this wonderful form of healing.
Many years later, Chijuro Hiyashi, M.D attended the Reiki school and eventually gained his Master's certification. Dr. Hiyashi eventually employed several Reiki Channels in his general practice, who Rev. Beth Graywould provide services to his patients. One of these patients was Hawayo Takata.
After experiencing the miracle of what Reiki had done for her own illness, Hawayo Takata began studying Reiki with Dr. Hiyashi. Mrs. Takata not only became a Reiki Master in her own right, but she was eventually deemed as Reiki's Grand Master. Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to the United States, to Hawaii to be specific, where she had once lived. Before her death in 1980, she trained 22 people as Reiki Masters. These people have become known as the 22 Original Takata Masters. Two of these were the magnificent and wonderful Rev. Beth Gray and her husband John Harvey Gray.
Rev. Beth Gray was my teacher for Reiki I in February 1989 and Reiki II in October 1989. Unfortunately, Rev. Gray suffered a stroke and no longer teaches the art she loved so well. Rev. Gray shared her knowledge with thousands of people, training Reiki Channels here in the U.S. and Australia. One of these people was Rev. Arlene Green who passed the Master's knowledge on to Rev. Wilma Donald.
In October 1994, I convinced a close friend to sign up for a Reiki class. Her requirement however was that I attend with her. For me it was a wonderful refresher and fascinating experience. In part because I was able to focus on some intricate subtleties during this class, that I wasn't able to pick up on in my previous classes. But also because this class was taught by John Harvey Gray.
With 8 years of Reiki experience I had finally reached the desire to take the next step and commitment in the Reiki path. Becoming a Master is a serious step and does require an inner level of commitment and acceptance of responsibility. Looking for a teacher is also a serious endeavor. I was very lucky however. At the time I was a member of spiritual fellowship and ministerial school. One of the practicing ministers at this school was Rev. Wilma Donald. Under her gentle and loving guidance, I received my Reiki Master's Certification, in April 1996. You can view all my Reiki Certifications here on PagansPath.

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