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Angels Explained

Angels: {Latin: angelus} ~ {Greek: angelos; "a super natural being"} ~

{Hebrew: malak; "a messenger"}
A being empowered as a messenger of the divine, for divine justice, guidance and/or protection.
An Overview
Not since the 13th Century has human kind been so interested in the Angel kingdom. Those that believe in the existence of angels all have their own theories and explanations for this new interest, and of course I'm no different. After a few years of research on a variety of topics, I started to notice a connection between historical events and the centuries of minimal contact. So here's my take on the issue of angels, who they are, where they are and where they've been.
Let's start with the misconception that Angels are strictly Christian or non-pagan. They're not. Mythology of Angels existed long before Judaism and Christianity.
Angels also are major figures in Buddhism and Hinduism. Celtic and Norse mythology. And in many Shamanistic legends. But not all of these call these entities "angels", just like not everyone refers to a prayer as a mantra, or a spell of protection a prayer, and so on. We all have our "labels" for what fundamentally are the same things.
The Buddhist for instance refer to angels as devas, or celestial beings. Some paths of Buddhism use the label dharmapalas or dharma protectors. In Tibetan Buddhism, devas are sometimes considered to be emanations of bodhisattvas or enlightened beings. Other paths of Buddhism have specific important devas, as they are often derived from pre-Buddhist cultures and religions and not from Buddhist philosophy itself. So these paths encorporated pre-Buddhist local or regional mythology into their Buddhist paths long ago.
Hinduism has many different types of spiritual beings who act in a similar capacity to Angels. One example are the minor gods, or devas, refered to as the "shining ones". They inhabit the higher astral plane of the divine world. Gods, devas, planets like Sani (Saturn), gurus (teachers), and ancestors can all play a protective role for humans. The Asuras are also a component of Hinduism. They are also refered to as evil spirits or demons. They are fallen devas who inhabit the lower astral plane, the mental plane of existence. Much like the fallen angels outlined in Christian philosophy. If an Asuras does a good dead, they can be reincarnated into devas and do not have to remain eternally in the lower plane. Hinduism also includes Apsaras, who are heavenly nymphs, who preside over sacrifices, and lipika, who regulate karma. Devas and asuras can inspire or bring down aspirants, helping or hindering people on their spiritual journey.
In Norse mythology the equivalent angels are the Valkyries who were originally sinister spirits of slaughter, dark angels of death who soared over the battlefields like birds of prey, carrying out a warriors fate in the name of Odin. They chose the heroes of the battle and took them away to Valhalla, the heavenly home of honor for Odin's ghostly army. In later Norse mythology, the Valkyries were romanticized as Odin's Shield-Maidens, virgins with golden hair and snowy arms who served the chosen heroes everlasting mead and meat in the great hall of Valhalla. They also soared over the battlefield as lovely swan-maidens or splendid mounted Amazons. This was portrayed in the Volsung Saga and Niebelungenlied, where the heroine Brynhild was a beautiful fallen Valkyrie.
In Celtic mythology, the Faeries were often seen as the helpers of mankind. They too have many corrolations to their deeds as an angel would. There are a few lesser Goddesses which also acted as Angels; and perhaps that's why they're often refered to as the lesser Goddesses. Such as the goddess Sirona.
While Metaphysics, Pagan Metaphysics and non-Pagan religions all have their concepts of Angels and Demons they are not exactly the same. The theories or beliefs coincide and over lap at some points, and others set in stone details or structures that cannot be crossed.
Where Have Angels Been?
Why now has there been a large increase in Angelic sightings and encounters? Why haven't they been here before? Well they have, but some mythologies suggest, they've been restricted from contact. Some of these mythologies also explain why the Angels left the Earth for a time and have now returned. One of the most common of these comes from the legends of Atlantis.
It seems to have started with the height of the Atlantean civil war which resulted in that continent's final destruction. This destruction created an enormous karmic shift in the Universal energies which cast our planet into a quarantine segregating our connection to the rest of the universe. Sort of Divine punishment. {See our Atlantis write up to learn more about this destruction.}
After the fall of Atlantis, some believe the survivors spread out across the globe in what we know as the 12 Tribes of Abraham (the first children of God). It was at this time that the quarantine began in full steam, casting our wisdom and knowledge back a few hundred years and diminishing the guidance of the Angel kingdom. Many call this time, "The Vail of Forgetfulness". Without the guidance and direct interaction of the Angel kingdom, we have floundered, sometime terribly, through our process of redemption. The "old" ways of spiritual communication, belief, even healing were almost lost during this time as new egos emerged and new political or even religious powers tried to enforce their influence of the societies of earth.
It has taken all these past centuries for the karma gained during the Atlantean destruction and the egotistical ventures to be redeemed. The result of this redemption is the shrinking of the Vail. Or as some put it, the walls of the quarantine are shrinking to the point where the Angels can begin to come through and once again provide guidance and knowledge to incarnated spirits.
What Are Angels?
Angels are beings of spirit who have never been incarnated in physical form. One aspect of Angels that is often misunderstood is that Angels have never ever been incarnated! Ever. Don't confuse this with a fallen angel, we'll talk more about that later.

Simply put, they are highly evolved souls who have taken on the commitment with the Divine structure to be the messengers, guardians and teachers of spirit between the Divine force and incarnated beings.

Why is this needed?
Well, think of it this way. The Divine force is like a major Nuclear power plant and you are a wonderfully constructed crystal chandelier. If you were to plug directly into the core of the power plant, you'd probably be overwhelmed with energy and you just might explode. For those who have not yet learned how to build their own sub-station to handle the massive energy flow from the power plant and filter it into their personal filaments, the Angels step forward to assist. Now that's a long winded way of saying, some people have learned through many lifetimes and spiritual lessons how to connect to the Divine force directly without being overwhelmed. But to be honest, these people are very few and far between. It is an awesome responsibility and takes a great deal of commitment between the individual's soul and the Divine forces. So for those people who have not selected that "job" in this incarnated life, the Angels can step forward and assist you in your communications with the divine energies.
Who Are The Angels?
The Angelic Hierarchy
As with the rest of the universe, the angels exist in a hierarchy. There is a form and order to the universe and the Divine Forces. The Angel community is the perfect example of this order and structure. The kingdom is divided into 3 Hierarchies and 9 Choirs. Each section of the community has it's own particular purpose and energy.
The Archangels
Many people focus on or feel drawn to the archangels above the rest. Here I've tried to give a description of the correspondances of those angels and how they relate to occult practices.
The Angel Groups
In addition the Angelic Hierarchy are also gathered into 9 groups which govern and provide guidance on the universal aspects of life. These aspects are Death, Mercy, the Zodiac and so on.
The Lower Angel Forces
These 9 groups are often some of the most controversial because their existence depends on your personal beliefs. The lower forces include Fallen Angels, Demons, Devils and Satan.
Regardless of which groups or hierarchies you believe in, most people can't help but acknowledge a new connection and interaction with the Angel kingdoms. Just walk into your nearest bookstore and peruse the shelves lined with new material on Angel stories, tales and contact. So take some time to reach out to your personal Guardian Angel and as for guidance and assistance during your day. But perhaps you could also thank them for their efforts and provide a little offering for their services. A nice candle lighting ceremony might be an appropriate offering, or better yet, plant a nice tree or flowering bush in their honor.

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Created: 03/28/1999         Updated: 11/10/2010