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Trees and Their Energies

Trees and Their Energies
Trees, like all living things have their own energies. And each tree is different. But we can associate certain energies to different species of trees. This can help when you're deciding what kind of tree to use in making magikal tools. This is by no means a complete list of trees; but hopefully it's a start.
Apple This wood's magikal properties often centered around the ideals of honor.
Ash Typically used in the making of tool handles, it embodies the principals of reverence.
Beech The magikal trait of beech is determination; it aids in achieving goals and wishes by giving organizational skills.
Crape Myrtle  A very hard wood with magikal traits of strength and stability.
Hazel Represents spiritual leadership and insight.
Hickory This wood's magikal trait is endurance and flexibility.
Maple The magikal trait of kinship, it helps to promote connections of energy in relationships with people, animals and nature in general.
Oak This wood promotes higher planes of awareness and aids in the shifting of consciousness for magikal workings.
Osage Orange A unique wood that changes color over the years, from light to black. It's magikal properties denote change and transition. Perfect for spirit walks.
Pine Pine is a fast growing wood, and denotes new beginnings and rebirth.
Poplar The magikal traits are protection and resolution.
Rowan The 13 sections of it's leaves and their correspondence to the 13 lunar months show how this tree is associated with transition and magik.
Willow The healing tree. It's magikal traits show the importance of being receptive and nurturing.

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