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A Magikal Sigil

What is a sigil?
A specially created symbol or seal that can be used in Magik workings. It can be used as a sentence, phrase or incantation pin-pointing ones actions and thoughts. It can also be used in place of sentence or phrase.
What do you do with it?
Anything you want. It is your personal hieroglyph and it can be used on letters, packages, clothing or whatever you wish. In Magikal practices you can use a sigil in place of a phrase or incantation.
For instance, each night I light a candle and say a prayer, but I always feel the need to finish it off with something like a bow, which I do. But even that doesn't feel like enough. Saying Amen just isn't in my nature or spiritual belief, so although it's a wonderful word, it doesn't work for me. So one day during a meditation I asked for a little guidance. The answer seemed simple when it came, but was exactly what I needed. The answer was to draw out my personal sigil as recognition of spiritual blessings and thanks to the Great Spirit and divine entities who would be helping with the prayer. Being a Reiki Master, it seemed a lot like they symbols one learns to send distant healing, and that gave me the spiritual significance I was looking for.
You don't have to use your sigil in this fashion. But once you decided the intent or the purpose of the sigil, stick to it. Don't use it for one thing here and another there. Keep the meaning consistent.
What should it look like?
Once again this is YOUR hieroglyph, so it should have special meaning to you. It can have as much or as little symbology as you would like. As an example, here's mine. It is a special character representing an S for Spring, turn toward the west and the element of earth. I also have a fondness for dragons, and added to my sigil, the wings of a dragon; aligning my energy with energy and spirit of the dragon. It also creates a balance within the sigil, of Earth and Air, or "As above, So below".
I use my personal sigil in two forms. As a drawing (shown on the left) and as a symbol which I draw in the air over a candle after a prayer, ritual or ceremony (shown on the right).
How do I find my sigil?
It can be something you saw and felt drawn to. It can be letter in the Runic alphabet. Or it can be something that's your own special creation. You can meditate and ask for it to be shown to you or ask for guidance in designing it. You can approach from a logical view combining characteristics or interests that you feel especially close to. One you have it, conduct a special magikal ceremony to consecrate your sigil and give it special meaning. If you're going to use it in place of a phrase or action, than you want to attach that intent to the symbol, just as you would if you were charging any other magikal tool.

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