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Hexes & Curses

What Is A Hex or Curse
The word "hex" originates from Pennsylvania Dutch. It was the equivalent of the German verb hexen, "to practice sorcery." The English verb hex, first recorded in the sense "to practice witchcraft" in an 1830 work called Annals of Philadelphia. It is also found from Middle High German hecse and from Old High German hagzissa. By definition today, hex is an evil spell designed to cause harm to someone.
"Curse" has uncertain origins. Some sources point to Old English and the word curs "a prayer that evil or harm befall one". Some cite the Old French 'curuz' meaning anger, or Latin 'cursus' meaning course. There are no similar words in Germanic, Romance or Celtic languages. The earliest use of of the word as the verb meaning to "swear profanely" comes from 1230. As the word is used today, it's more likely to have come from the Old English usage.
Many scholars view Hex as the action, and Curse as the result of that action. He hexed the woman at the store, now she is cursed for life.
In today's world of Witchcraft, a hex is nothing more than a spell designed to cause negative manipulation to a person or group of people. Lighting a candle and saying a prayer to "God" to curse someone isn't the kind of hex we're talking about here. And many would argue that's not a hex at all, but rather a request to a divine being to help the petitioner smite someone for an unjust deed. Doesn't mean God is going to do that for them. Therefore it's not really a hex.
A hex is like any other spell. It has a component for setting it's intent, a statement of consequence and often the reason behind the hex. It includes calling upon some force or forces to help with the smiting and sometimes it can create a special method of delivery, such as through a demon, a talisman, or even a familiar (an animal spirit who carries the negative energy to the intended victim).
The Ethics of Hexing
Many traditions hold a value within their creed of faith that firmly states magik is not to be used for ill against others. Wicca is an example of one of these traditions. But not all traditions hold the "An in it, Harm none" rule. Other traditions believe any form of manipulation of another, whither good intended or negatively desired, should not be attempted by it's practioners. And still, there are other traditions that believe hexing is up to an individual and they need to understand the consequences of their actions for doing so. Accepting the accountability for the hex, as well as the resulting karma.
The bottom line simply requires anyone conducting a spell of manipulation will be accountable for their actions. Whither the spell was meant to hex, or heal, in either case a practitioner is using energy to manipulate the will of another. If the intended recipient is aware and accepting of the intended manipulation (such as for a healing), the accountability is less likely to be negative. But if the intended person is not aware of the energy being sent their way, even a well intended healing spell can be seen as negative manipulation.
Take for example the woman with cancer who is facing her last days on earth. A well intended relative casts a spell for healing for the dying woman. A spell designed to help the woman regain her strength and continue to fight the cancer that is ravaging her body. This well intended healing spell can actually cause more harm than good, especially if the cancerous woman didn't ask for it. It may cause her to suffer in pain for days or weeks longer than she would have, had she simply been allowed to let go and cross over into death. It may impact the family watching her suffer and slip away, by causing them additional anxiety and sorrow as they watch their relative waste away. Each practioner of magik must take all consequences into consideration before they cast any spell. Even those with good intentions. But especially those with negative hexing intentions.
Protection Against Hexes
I can't tell you how many people write to me asking for help because their family has been hexed and cursed. Or how many individuals have explained their one time friend has started hexing them and their life is in shambles.
There are 2 very important things to remember about hexes.
  1. Just because you are having a sting of bad luck doesn't mean you've been hexed by someone. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations and they are not easy for anyone. But more often than not, they of our own making and from our own choices. We can't go back and change the things we went through. But we can learn from them and heal ourselves in the process. Blaming others for our own choices is not going to get you anywhere.
    It's more likely than not, that your current experiences are coming from your own worry. Just by thinking someone has cast a spell on you, you are giving that person your energy and creating anxiety for negative events even if nothing has been done to you. I strongly suggest those who believe they have been cursed, read the articles listed in the next section.
  2. The second thing to remember about hexes is that they cannot work unless you allow them to. So if you are absolutely sure that someone has attempted to curse you, what do you need to know?
First someone who threatens you with a hex very likely hasn't got a clue nor do they have the experience to cast such a spell upon you and produce enough energy to have any real affect. Those that have the knowledge, won't tell you they're going to smite you.
If you know for sure someone with the ability has hexed you it doesn't mean their effort will work if you know how to protect your own energy. There are several articles here on PagansPath that can explain how energy works, how your thoughts and perceptions can work toward impeding your ability to protect yourself and family, and how to clear and cleanse your energy from negativity in general. And finally how to set up a shield of protection.
I strongly suggest reading these articles in the order I'm listing them. Please don't skip the first article. Of all these listed, it is the most important.
Meditation, Energy & Action
What is Energy?
Clearing, Cleansing & Protecting Your Energies
Balancing and Protecting Your Energies
A Protection Ritual

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Created: 09/19/2008         Updated: 09/19/2008


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