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Celtic Tradition

The articles and postings contained on this web site are based on personal experience, formal classes and many wonderful resources. Here we attempt to share the sources of our research.

A few books in this list are out of print. But don't discount their value. There are many 2nd hand or Old Book bookstores in many areas that specialize in out of print or out of stock books.

There are many "old" books that have been re-issued under new publishers. Where possible, these books are listed to reflect these new releases, publishers and publish dates.

You might also like to see a list of recommended reading on my Amazon Listmania book list. Here you'll be able to see excerpts of these and other books I recommend, read reviews from others and even purchase the books from Amazon.


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At the bottom of the articles on PagansPath, you'll find links to resources used to write that article. A resource labeled c11 will indicate the books is in the Celtic Tradition resource list, and is book 11 within that list. Resource 1, indicates that some information contained in the article is based on my own study and research.
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~ Celtic Tradition ~

  1. Celtic Heritage
    Alwyn Rees & Brinley Rees
    Thames & Hudson, 1989
  2. A Guide To Early Irish Law
    Fergus Kelly
    Out Of Print
  3. The Oxford Book Of Scottish Verse
    John MacQueen & Thomas Scott
    Oxford University Press, 1966
  4. Celtic Myth & Legend
    Mike Dixon-Kennedy
    Cassel Imprint, 1996
  5. Sacred Symbols - The Celts
    Thames and Hudson
    Thames and Hudson, 1989
  6. Stones Of Time
    - A study of Celtic Rune Symbology -
    Martin Brennan
    Inner Traditions, 1995
  7. Britanica Anthropology, The Celts
    Britanica Encyclopedias
    Britanica Publishing, 1979
  8. Encyclopedia Of Celtic Wisdom
    Caitlín & John Matthews
    Element Books, 1994
  9. The Celtic Book Of Days
    Caitlín Matthews
    Destiny Books, 1995
  10. The Celtic Book Of The Dead
    Caitlín Matthews
    Martins Press, 1992
  11. The Celtic Shaman
    John Matthews
    Element Books, 1991
  12. The Celtic Druids' Year
    John King
    Cassell Imprint, 1994
  13. The Celtic Empire: The First Millennium of Celtic History
    Peter Berresford Ellis
    Carolina Academic Pr, 1991
  14. Celtic Myth & Magick
    Edain McCoy
    Llewellyn Publications, 1996
  15. Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World
    Steve Blamires
    Llewellyn Publications, 1998
  16. Haunts, Witches, and Boogers :
    Tales from Upper East Tennessee
    Charles Edwin Price, Richard Blaustein
    John F Blair Publications, 1992
  17. Tennessee Folk Culture: an Annotated Bibliography
    Eleanor E. Goehring
    Academic Press, 1942
  18. America's First Western Frontier : East Tennessee
    Brenda C. Calloway
    The Overmountain Press, 1982
  19. The Sacred World Of The Celts
    Nigel Pennick
    Inner Traditions International, 1997
  20. Celtic Myths and Legends
    T.W. Rolleston
    Dover Publishing, 1990
  21. The Mabinogion
    Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones
    Orion House, 2000
  22. The Mabinogion - Unabridged
    Lady Charlotte Guest
    Dover Publishing, 1997
  23. Women of the Celts
    Jean Markale
    Inner Traditions International, 1986
  24. The Encyclopedia Of Celtic Wisdom
    Catlin and John Matthews
    Element Publishing, 1994
  25. Druids, Gods & Heroes
    Anne Ross
    Peter Bedrick Books, 1994
  26. Advanced Celtic Shamanism
    D.J. Conway
    Crossing Press, 2000
  27. Fire In The Head
    Tom Cowan
    HarperSanFrancisco, 1993
  28. The Ogham Stones
    Dorothy Elizabeth Crowder
    Dobson , 1975
  29. The Ogham Stone: An Anthology of Contemporary Ireland
    Gerald Dawe, Michael Mulreany
    # Institute of Public Administration, 2001
  30. Ogham: An Irish Alphabet
    Cristoir M. Fhearaigh, Tim Stampton
    Hippocrene Books, 1998
  31. DeDanaan
    Resources for Celtic Studies.
  32. Celtic Astrology
    by Helena Paterson
  33. The Celtic Tradition
    by Caitlin Matthews
  34. A Druid's Herbal
    by Ellen Evert Hopman
  35. The Book of Druidry
    by Ross Nichols
  36. Glamoury - Magic of the Celtic Green World
    by Steve Blamires